The Dragon Painter

The Dragon Painter

A wild man and genius becomes a master painter's disciple, but loses his divine gift when he finds love.

A wild man and genius becomes a master painter's disciple, but loses his divine gift when he finds love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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mason b (es) wrote: I really wanted to love this movie; I really wanted to like it a lot more than I did. There are elements of this film that I think are brilliant, profound, and heartbreaking, and yet there are several factors that keep this film from being truely great. Norweigian wood is the tale of a boy and a girl who share a tragic past whom meet up again and quickly fall in love. The film examines subjects such as love, sex, and grief, and there are big emotions to be had through the exploration. But I don't think the film is nearly as insightful into these subjects as it thinks it is or wants to be. The same could be said of the characters. Norwegian Wood in very well acted all-around, and the actors give real feeling to their romance, but the film often fails to fully develop its characters and their relationships. Instead of building the relationship between the two leads, the film just tosses them together. It never lets us get to know who these people are, and I often felt that I wanted to know more about them than I did. As a result we are only barely invested in the two leads based on the actor's performances, which is not enough. Overall the film is beautiful shot and has a poignant and moving story, but it's many flaws keep it a good film when it deserved to be a great one.

Wilbur C (jp) wrote: A definite made for tv disaster flick. The plot is predictable, and the acting standard. Easy to see who the good guys and bad guys are. Enjoyable rainy day past time.

Atom P (kr) wrote: How do I get rid of it

Akilo R (us) wrote: pretty hilarious movie...

Bruce B (fr) wrote: This is a pretty strange movie. From the 1997 Toronto International Film Festival Collection. Henry is a Garbage Man who life is invaded by some pretty wild souls. A Mother who is depressed, a sister who gives it up to everyone. I am still trying to figure out the plot. Others have rated this movie 4 or 5 stars and beats me why. 2 1/2 stars is best I'll give this one.

Beth P (ca) wrote: After fifty years, some of the jokes are a bit dated, and the plot isn't exactly groundbreaking. It's the vivacity of style and the inundation of entertainment in-jokes balanced with a basically innocent message that keep this film on its toes. I really enjoyed it, goofiness and all.

David H (es) wrote: Grandious Anti-Western made in Hollywood The Whites are Evil like in the DEFA Indian Westerns and Elvis is hillarious as Man between Two Fires Cinematography is excellent

Tim M (gb) wrote: You're mileage will vary depending on how high you are..... At 90 minutes this would have been tight, at 113 it is loose and long overstays its welcome.