The Dragon Pearl

The Dragon Pearl

When teenagers JOSH (Louis Corbett) and LING (Li Lin Jin) join their respective parents, CHRIS (Sam Neill) and Dr LI (Wang Ji) on an archaeological dig in China they encounter something trapped beneath a temple beyond their wildest imagination. A real live Chinese dragon. Two thousand years earlier, to defend his kingdom, the dragon lent an emperor his all powerful pearl. Instead of being returned, the pearl was buried with the emperor beneath his palace, and helpless without its source of power the dragon has remained entombed ever since.

When teenagers Josh and Ling join their respective parents on an archaeological dig in China they encounter something trapped beneath a temple beyond their wildest imagination. A real live Chinese dragon. Together they must uncover the mystery of the pearl so that the dragon can finally return to its rightful place. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rob D (au) wrote: I like the idea of the story, but eveyrthing else about this movie felt like a toothache. Lyn Shaye was wonderful, but all of the other actors were just dreadful. Not the worst movie I've ever seen, but very disappointing.

Ryan C (ag) wrote: The story was a neat idea, but it doesn't take itself too seriously in any aspect and it causes the value to diminish. It was a dark comedy, with the variety of jokes coming out of the mutilated bodies or in some way dealing with them.The acting most of the time was more laughable than the dialogue as it set for a very anti-serious tone. Fisher has a role of a mediocre actress in the movie, but the whole film seemed to be modeling for that character.The story is simple and original with its share of funny moments, with the friends in a tight spot for cash and taking up grave robbing to gain the monetary edge. Besides that and a few simple unoriginal ideas for the back stories of the characters it doesn't get too far into depth or cleverness.

Ritesh S (ag) wrote: Good movie. Its what you want from a comedy movie brainless comedy. overall i liked it . good entertainment package.

Cam D (jp) wrote: different directors and actors typically get in a sequel usually prevent a movie from being as good as the first.

Johnathon W (us) wrote: Breakthrough anime film that, while slightly flawed due to it's short length, remains one of the best in the genre. The film holds up as one example of the film being better than the book, as it takes a more serious tone with the subject matter and doesn't divert into cartoonish or 'chibi' moments. There are some serious conversations on what it means to be human and alive (is it our bodies or our memories that make it so) giving the film a true intelligence not seen in many science fiction films. The Major, in particular, is a fascinating character, fully comfortable in her life as a cyborg though does questions if there is something more. Not to say the film is all talk, as there is some break neck action, from the iconic opening sequence to the chase through the city streets. The one flaw is that the film's short length (a mere 82 minutes) keeps it from fully exploring the themes & characters, particularly in explaining a decision the Major makes at the end of the film. Nevertheless, a true anime classic and one that will give the upcoming live-action remake a run for it's money.

Anna B (mx) wrote: Entertaining and interesting, though Herzog's fake narrative is distracting this time, particularly the "reincarnation of Maria D'Avalos", which was clearly made up and pretty silly. Zeitlinger's camera is fun for once.

Mark N (ca) wrote: The movie feels a decade order than it's age due to some flat characterizations where people cry for help and everyone stands around watching the event unfold instead. Some of the kills are inventive and huge potential is squandered as the plot stops making the most of the creepy environment and instead inexplicably focuses on the characters instead. A good watch for those who love to tear apart a movie for its faults but little value otherwise. Kennedy & Crenna stand out as class actors even as they phone in their lines.

Sausages M (de) wrote: Just about perfect. Once again, here, as in Cries and Whispers, Bergman is absolutely devastating. That applies to both of them. We have the usual effective austerity of direction, and the brilliant Liv Ullman proving that she's a very versatile actress indeed, truly a master. But then you have the icing on the cake in the form of Ingrid Bergman. How this performance didn't get her an Oscar I have no idea. Dare I say it? She actually outshines the director. The story is 'the standard'- existential angst played through the medium of family dysfunction and life's exquisite little cruelties, but no less affecting for it. To love is to suffer, and vice versa. Would that there was anyone around now painting characters in such vivid colours.THIS is the real 3D, as in characterisation. There are no easy sketches here. Everyone is complex. Everyone is selfish, cruel, neurotic. Life is unbearable pain, often physically so. Everything that needs to be said is left unsaid until it is too late. And yet, is there any experience as life affirming as watching this manifesto nailed to the wall in front of your eyes in celluloid? I don't think so. Half a star removed for the Erik subplot which I thought was perhaps gilding the lily, somewhat.But really, this film is just amazing.

Don S (jp) wrote: For a sci-fi movie, this had an extremely noticeable lack of effects. In an era with television and telephone, the US is trying to speak to Mars using not images or voices, but Morse code. A whole lot of pseudo-scientific gobbledygook comes out of Peter Graves, making an already action-less movie even duller. This amounts to a bunch of talking heads with heavily religious overtones smacking you in the face so hard you'd think they used a sledgehammer.

Tasos L (au) wrote: Sensational and dark, definitely inspired by Hitchcock's masterpieces!

Kevin C (ca) wrote: Movie afternoon with Gertie. Jim Henson in his prime. Zavid as the Goblin King. Perfect Bank holiday fare.

Tripp B (us) wrote: This was a great movie. This movie just made me feel good all around. It showed how humans can be great without trying too hard to be. This movie just made me smile. And it might just be because I am a runner and love to do it, but I love this movie. It will be one of my new favorites.

Jason S (fr) wrote: Some nikkaz try N live dat life but ain't bout dat life.

Kenny N (au) wrote: I thought it was great fun AND very scary. Definitely deserves more credit.

Ava J (nl) wrote: This movie is so so creepy, but I loved it !!!!