The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!

The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!

Eight housemates on a fake animated reality TV show realize they've been canceled and set off on a journey to get back on the air.

The scene opens at a bar in the land of Bedrock. A drunken and pregnant Toot is informed that someone has come to see her. The visitor turns out to be her old housemate Foxxy. Foxxy tries to tell Toot that their lives are in danger, but... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Net S (mx) wrote: I (TM) OZZY!!! Brilliant!!!!!!!!

Ed C (br) wrote: One line summary: Excellent acting, but a weak plot; redeemed somewhat by the ending.----------------------- Fish has been in jail for six years, without his comrades from a diamond heist gone bad. He took the fall, he did the time, and now he's out. Duke, Max, Francis, and Crow treat him to a sumptuous dinner in a reserved room. The food is sushi, served off the body of a naked young woman. The woman has been trained not to react to what the guests are doing, and this probably served her well. Soon enough, the real reason for the meeting surfaces. The robbers had a bad accident: their van and a car encountered each other at speed. The gang's driver was killed, the other driver was dealt with by Duke, and the cops and firemen showed up quickly. In the process, most of the gang got away, but the diamonds seem to have gone missing. The ones who got away want Fish to tell them where the diamonds are. There are many flashbacks as the details of the heist are rehashed, particularly the events surrounding the traffic crash. When Fish refuses to tell his erstwhile partners where the diamonds are, they decide to encourage his veracity by force. Will there be a falling out among thieves?-----Scores----- Cinematography: 5/10 Perhaps this was done intentionally, as Tarantino sometimes does, but the visuals looked gritty and jumpy, rather sub-VHS quality. In other segments, the visuals were of reasonable quality. Sound: 9/10 No problems. Acting: 10/10 Mark Hamill, Tony Todd, and Noah Hathaway were great. In much smaller roles, Michael Biehn, Jeff Fahey, and Danny Trejo were fine. Cortney Palm also had a limited role, but it was pivotal to the overall effect of the film. Screenplay: 4/10 The last five minutes were just exquisite. On the other hand, the characters played by Michael Biehn, Jeff Fahey, and Danny Trejo seemed to be vastly underused. The worst part for me was the disposition of the diamonds after the accident. It should have been abundantly clear where the diamonds were, and the whole extended torture sequence was unnecessary.

Peter D (it) wrote: an interesting concept, good performances and a good visual style let down by poor, lethargic editing, the pace just drags interminably, particularly the second halfmore aggressive editing could have made this a very good film, it's a shame it doesn't reach its potential

Senor C (ru) wrote: Hey I just noticed David Prowse was in this! I thought there was something very familiar about the Monster. I wonder if this had any baring on Lucas's casting of both him & Peter Cushing in Star Wars. I wasn't too overwelmed when I had watched Frankenstein & the Monster from a Hell a few years ago during SHOCKTOBER & that is because I felt the Monster was just sorta a big hairy oaf but I sorta look @ Hammer Frankenstein movies differently in comparison to the classic Universal ones. The Universal ones I now watch for that great grease paint design & Dr Frankenstein sorta takes a back seat. The Hammer ones are really more about Peter Cushing as Dr Frankenstein. If you take them in w/ those context in mind they're more enjoyable. Worth a look but be sure it's the R rated version because old VHS of this are cut

Vincent P (fr) wrote: Ce premier film de Monty Python est tordant, djant et absurde. Un classique inimitable de la comdie.

Tara S (de) wrote: Great ideas in the film with some ham acting but the effects were great for it's time!

Shawn W (es) wrote: They don't really make adventure movies like this anymore. Bronson as a 1800's secret service agent uncovering activities Uncle Sam would not approve of. Lauter and Bronson would later team up in the excellent Death Wish 3.

Morten L (de) wrote: A fine action flick, with a lot of callbacks to the original games. Plus, the FPS scene is very cool.

CJ C (es) wrote: "The best place for money... is right here in my pocket." I loved this movie as a kid, I thought it was sooo funny. All these different stories intersect at the car wash: Richard Pryor & the Pointer Sisters were young & sexy and Prof Irwin Corey was hilarious (how can anyone forget the Pee Bomb? lol.) With Melanie Mayron, George Carlin & Antonio Vargas.

Dan M (us) wrote: Terrible whitewashing aside, this film is a burning dumpster fire of a film. Incredibly bland story, horrible dialogue, contrived plot points, and some of the worst CG on the big screen all combine to make this film. Nothing about this film even really makes a whole lot of sense. The film sets up rules and then immediately breaks them to move the plot forward. The dialogue is boring at best and constantly restates information in case the audience forgot. This is a bad film. Period.