The Dream Castle

The Dream Castle

The families are talking about moving together in a house, and finally does it. After a year renovating, they are to celebrate their new collective. But the year living together has taken it's toll on their relations.

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The Movie W (mx) wrote: A sub-par entry in the Scoobsters catalogue sees the Mystery Inc crew become embroiled in vampirism in Louisiana. Fun is poked at "Twilight" but the laughs are few and far between. There are a lot more musical numbers than is the norm and the songs are thoroughly bland. Back to basics please for the next outing.

Alice S (ru) wrote: Banksy's directorial debut and it shows. It nears mockumentary status for how the subject of the film essentially becomes the filmmaker, but that switch comes too late to fulfill the larger narrative purpose or thesis, which isn't quite discernible either. I thought I'd be getting a film about graffiti and its status in the art world, but there is very little actual background or debate about this guerrilla art form. The camera flashes quickly through the art pieces, not staying on any one long enough for the audience to take it in. The film is tainted by garbled and shadowed Banksy's desire for anonymous fame, and the motor is more propelled by Thierry Guetta's wild ravings and incompetent artistry than a real search for truth. This all makes me wonder whether or not Banksy even intended to make an earnest film about the legitimacy of graffiti (which seems to be what most people take away from this film), or if he actually just intended to alienate the audience with devil-may-care antics as a type of "joke's on you, this is shite" anti-art performance piece, and if that's the case, he may have succeeded.

Thomas L (de) wrote: I had been told first hand accounts of this tradition, but watching it was awesome. If you can watch this movie and not shed a tear, or find fault in the acting, your heartless. Kevin Bacon makes you believe this kids life meant so much more than he was given credit for, and yup, made me cry, more than once.

Todd A (ru) wrote: It's about as much fun to watch as a punch to the gut, but Paul Greengrass successfully crafts a drama that is respectful and engaging, despite the end outcome already being known.

Rudy G (kr) wrote: Great and suspense filled film! Gives you those Edge of your seat trill moments! Characters did a great job and it's just a fun Cat-&-Mouse game overall!

Ted C (gb) wrote: This Darby Crash biopic has great music, supervised/produced by Pat Smear for the film, but it has the feel of a mediocre made-for-cable feature, and the young actors portraying the Germs and other denizens of the 1978-80 LA punk scene are unconvincing, coming off like a bunch of kids playing dress up. The film paints Darby as an immature, shallow brat with emo tendencies, romanticized but not made sympathetic.

NeCrO (gb) wrote: Newman was great...the movie was NOT

Daniel P (ca) wrote: Damien is now thirteen and spending his time now with his cousin at a military school. He eventually learns of his actual destiny by more disciples of Satan. Meanwhile, dark forces begin to eliminate those who may pose a threat to Damien's rise of power.This is a pretty good sequel actually, not great, but pretty good. It's better than a sequel like Halloween II or something. The pacing is definitely quicker than the first, and the kills are actually pretty good. Some are boring, but the pleasantly gruesome ones outweigh the bad. The acting for this series is still horrid, but the great score by Jerry Goldsmith is borrowed from the first, which helps its fairly pleasant effectiveness. It's practically that same premise from the first, and don't forget that the Omen series has never known the physical meaning of the word "climax" which can get quite irritating. This series is a prime example of why sometimes the ending isn't the best part (but at least this one tries to be edgy, but in a pretty lame way).William Holden, Lee Grant, Jonathan Scott-Taylor, Robert Foxworth, Nicholas Pryor, Lew Ayres and Sylvia Sidney headline Damien: Omen II.This is pretty good for a sequel, but it still isn't anything special. It doesn't offer anything groundbreaking, but at least the film isn't mind-numbing. Even though this wasn't scary at all, and at times I forgot that it was trying to be a horror film. At least it still has that great and effective score.

Zachary A (mx) wrote: Brando as an Okinawa japanese... Playing comedy. I almost stopped watching it 25 minutes in but then I simply got hooked and loved it. And, Brando truly gets lost in this character -- as silly as it may at first seem -- it's delightful.

Tim M (ca) wrote: "Falling Down" is one of the greatest movies made in the 1990's. A strong, bitter commentary on the decay of society is catapulted to infamy with what may be the quintessential Michael Douglas performance. This film is a milestone; you will never forget it.

Ryan W (kr) wrote: I am reading the book and it is awesome!

Tommy D (nl) wrote: Irrational Man is such an underrated movie.It's original, charismatic, and forces you to choose a side between a phylosophy professor and his student lover as they debate about major life topics.Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone are amazing, and what a job from Woody Allen: this is by far one of the best directed movies of 2015.