The Dream Chasers

The Dream Chasers

Two unlikely companions face gun-slinging cowboys and their own personal family conflicts as they learn the importance of friendship, loyalty, and forgiveness.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:1982
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:independent film,  

Two unlikely companions face gun-slinging cowboys and their own personal family conflicts as they learn the importance of friendship, loyalty, and forgiveness. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott W (kr) wrote: Genius! This is hilarious! Ron Jeremy's penis is taken over by an alien and used to try to colonize Earth!

Wiebke K (kr) wrote: This movie had the beginnings of some interesting ideas, discussions, characters, but it did not quite carry through. However, the idea of what would happen if the draft gets reinstituted in this county is interesting -- though why only men appeared to be drafted is just one of the problems with the movie.

Deepak T (fr) wrote: This movie charmed me quite a bit because it turned out to be different from what I was expecting. There's something in this film that I always assumed Chinese films do not have.

horse c (gb) wrote: Effortlessly entertaining.

Liesl E (kr) wrote: Great premise with an aspect of World War II that I've never heard of before, but shoddy execution and laughable acting. "Swing Heil," seriously?

Joey Q (us) wrote: I can only see the dude as the dude. Nothing else

Blake P (br) wrote: I gotta say, "Too Late for Tears" aka "Killer Bait" is one of my favorite film noirs! Jane and Allen (Scott and Kennedy) are a bickering couple who's world is rocked when a case with almost a million dollars lands in their car. Allen wants to hand it over to the police, but Jane wants to keep it. When he won't give in to it, she kills him in anger (which is not a spoiler). From then on, she'll do anything to keep her paws on the loot, even if she has to cheat and kill along the way. . . I can definitely call myself a huge film noir fan, and after seeing so many I can say Lizabeth Scott is my favorite actress in the genre. By now, she had made very important noir pictures including "The Strange Love of Martha Ivers", "Dead Reckoning" and, "I Walk Alone". All of them have been good, but this one has got to be my favorite. "Too Late for Tears" was originally released in 1949, and then re-released in 1955 as "Killer Bait", therefore explaining the two names. I can imagine both times, audiences really liked it, as I did. Unlike most film noirs, Scott is the lead AND the femme fatale, when usually the woman is a sidekick or supporting character. It's such a nice change of pace, considering how great Scott's performance is. This has got to be one of her best-- she's usually pretty wooden, but here is so entertaining and two- faced as Jane. I loved every second I saw of her. Duryea is also one of my favorites, and did not disappoint me here, even though this is more of a type-casted role. His weird lispy, whiny way of talking confined him to film noir, which is not a problem. His voice might be strange, but is somehow menacing in his shady character. He and Scott might not have the best chemistry, but are very good as partners in crime. It's great to see them in a film together because this twosome provides quite a big amount of entertainment. "Too Late for Tears" is a excellent movie, and it's a shame that it's confined to the "save" category.

Kris W (ru) wrote: Good 80's action cheese

Red L (au) wrote: To me, "Catching Fire" is better than the first movie as this one concentrates more on the characters around Katniss, and the politics of Panem.

David F (nl) wrote: 24 years on, this is still a classic, but not as funny as when I first saw it.

Michael R (mx) wrote: Just A OK. Emilio Estevez played a more convincing Cowboy in D2 Mighty Ducks

Gaspar O (es) wrote: I've always liked Danny Trejo, but he's become another of those actors that will take any role for a paycheck. This is one of those. I don't even feel sorry for him after the beheading. Oops, spoiler alert. The hunter tried so hard to look and sound like a badass that he was just comical. The effects sucked and, once again, people fighting for their lives left behind more guns than you'd see at a church sale in Kentucky. Despite all that, it wasn't a complete stinker. Lots of beheading, stabbing, shooting and chainsawing kept it fun...and light!