The Drifter

The Drifter

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  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:60 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:ocean,   beach,   motorcycle,  

A surfer is trying to identify the rhythm of his soul in the surrounding world. He uses travel as a tool which allows him to discover himself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Russell G (jp) wrote: Super greedy heartless Slumlord forced to live in one of his testaments sounds like a good idea, Joe Pesci sounds like a good idea, but it wasn't good. It never got going and was not that funny. I recommend avoiding this one.

Courtney B (mx) wrote: I am in love with James Marsters and I would be happy to see any movie that has him in it...

Scott W (fr) wrote: Fantastic documentary that's fun to watch but also sad. I will say that the I think the film makes Canada's health care system appear much better than it actually is.

Edgar C (ag) wrote: If an experiment was conducted consisting in submitting a modest cinema connoisseur to this beautiful and decadently disastrous orgy of anarchic cultural aspects of Rome, perhaps the first name that would pop up to his head was Pasolini. Surprisingly, it isn't. More surprisingly, this rebellious piece of art entered the business before Pasolini's Trilogy of Life. Truth is, Satyricon is the turning point for the legend that Fellini already was before autobiographical memoirs and nostalgia invaded his mind with controversial youth moments added here and there for spicing up his love letters to the city that gave him life and an identity forever.99/100

Drago C (br) wrote: Not exactly so bad it's good but a so bad it's decent movie. Although the action takes place in Prague, most of the camerawork seems to have been done around Romania, leading to some rather hilarious situations ( a Czech bus from Prague pulling up to a station for the main character to get on, swiftly followed by a Bucharest bus or a b roll shot of one of Prague's most famous squares followed by a dialogue scene where Romanian flags feature prominently in the background). In any case it's nice to see that Dolph Lundgren is still working and has even started to do a bit of clumsy acting in between action scenes.

Bobby W (ca) wrote: For anyone who thinks teaching is easy, this is real life in some districts. The teachers and the kids.

Natalie O (gb) wrote: The reason I watched this was for Peter Falk. The magazine said that he does a good job in the role so I had to see it. He does play the role well. I initially thought maybe there was too little of him but then with regards to the plot he does what is necessary. I thought I'd just see Columbo, but as it was he just had one 'Columbo' moment with his mannerisms. The film was quite tense overall and well cast. I wanted to know a couple of things which were never elaborated on and in the end not essential to the plot. Good film. Entertaining.

Krister S (mx) wrote: 'would you like to go to a dance?' '-listen sister, idon't dance, all i wanna do is get out of here'