The Drowning Pool

The Drowning Pool

Harper is brought to Louisiana to investigate an attempted blackmail scheme. He soon finds out that it involves an old flame of his and her daughter. He eventually finds himself caught in a power struggle between the matriarch of the family and a greedy oil baron, who wants their property. Poor Harper! Things are not as straight-forward as they initially appeared.

A big-city private detective travels to the Deep South to help out an old girlfriend who is being blackmailed. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jerry C (br) wrote: Such a DERP movie, it's unreal. One star for humor. Not because the movie send one line zingers, but because it's the worst USMC movie I've ever seen. It was more of a "wtf, smh" kind of laughter. Yay, a female Marine in the cast. Oh wait, she's a lesbian. Because all female Marines are lesbians. Enter the box kickers. The biggest POG group of Marines you can find. Pick a newly promoted Sergeant to fill the role of convoy leader. Don't bother with an Officer or SNCO. They're obviously in short supply. Jarhead was great. Great cast, realistic tones, and the overall "hurry up and wait" crap that Marines deal with, in and out of combat. Only one line made me laugh and smh and that was Jamie Foxx's "Campfire OOHRAH" moment. But this sequel... It's like someone said "Hey, non combat MOS's get in the shit too! Make a movie about us!" Meh. Not even close to accurate or humorous. The lesbian, the short timer reluctant sergeant, the "make sure I get a posthumous MOH" Corporal, the "holy shit, it's the Seal Team!" moment, and the seals die before the box kickers. Stfu lmao. If you're a Marine, watch it in the barracks with a few cases of your favorite shitty beer with some flaming hot Cheetos for a chuckle.

Marta R (mx) wrote: According to the synopsis, there is a common thread weaved into these 3 stories; I really didn't see it, however, I found each story extremely enjoyable and just fun to watch. Events in every day peoples lives...

Sean C (it) wrote: Overwrought and unnecessarily depressing. Well acted, but purposeless.

Directors D (it) wrote: Good movie about a horse. I should watch this again.

Claire C (jp) wrote: This is my favorite movie, it is really funny, in a way

Marnie Z (es) wrote: Kind of reminded me of an r-rated episode of the Rockford Files or something....but not even that interesting.

Erin K (kr) wrote: one of the best book& movie ive seeh

James H (mx) wrote: I am not into Steven Seagal nor this type of martial arts film. It's not without some merit, there are some decent scenes. Very violent and lots of gunfire, explosions and killing. Only for those who like these sort of films.

Simon W (it) wrote: This movie has collected and allstar team of B-movie actors. Jeffrey Combs, David Warner, and LAnce Henriksen have all instilled life in some terrible movies, but none of them can rescue a single second of this crappy paint by numbers 90s cop movie. Not a single action by any character is logical, and the "fight" scenes are extremely horribly staged. I was hoping for cheesy 90s action, but this was just bad.

Rania A (it) wrote: Typical Rom-com with a few good laughs along the way and good acting from the main characters.. would watch again.