The Drummond Will

The Drummond Will

Two city-boy brothers, one a charismatic optimist, the other a whining corporate sell-out, return to the countryside for their father's funeral. On checking out his decrepit estate the boys find one of their dad's ancient friends hiding in a closet with a bag full money. Whilst they decide what to do the pensioner is left to suffocate in the closet, leaving them with a much bigger problem to deal with; tell the police, or leave the body in his own home and pretend nothing happened (keeping the money in the process). This opens their world up to a series of bizarre incidents resulting in the village's quirky population gently decreasing during their short stay.

Estranged brothers Marcus and Danny find themselves on a surprisingly dangerous quest to unravel the mystery surrounding their father's very unlikely wealth. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Yuping L (ca) wrote: i don't like it. after seeing quiet city i thought this one would be as good but it turned out to be disappointing. in quiet city the acting is natural and touching. but here, a fairly ok ending doesn't save its poor acting.

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Timothy A (kr) wrote: The kind of sequel that's no better or worse than the first one, but adds nothing to the existing story or mythology and comes off as inferior by simple virtue of coming second. Ups the humour factor slightly, but still looks like it was cobbled together from rejected ideas from the first time around.

Ian V (au) wrote: It's a Hamlet that we can understand. Actors often recite Shakespeare as if they are indeed reciting lines. They may be excellent in the role, but they still sound unnatural. Tennant sounds completely at home speaking the Bard's dialogue.

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