The Dude Ranger

The Dude Ranger

An Easterner Inherits a cattle ranch, only to discover that thousands of cattle have been stolen. He secretly signs on as a hired hand at his own ranch to discover who's stealing them.

An Easterner inherits a cattle ranch, only to discover that thousands of cattle have been stolen. He secretly signs on as a hired hand at his own ranch to discover who's stealing them. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim M (us) wrote: Very informative. I didn't think about the racial or political dimensions before. An overrated documentary about an overrated (though groundbreaking) film.

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nickhits d (br) wrote: watched 8 minutes of it. and shut it off. pretty stupid

Khaled M (de) wrote: Am really confused about the bad ratings, specially that this is one of the best Italian movies I've seen. mesmerizing performance by Penelope Cruz, I enjoyed it no matter what the critics think.

Buggy B (gb) wrote: I liked this more than I expected to. Reminding me of Traffic with many separate stories (revolving around immigration and the struggle to achieve legal status in L.A) that eventually all intersect. Some of the stories were more interesting than others but I would have to say Harrison Ford was my least favorite character from within a great cast. He is the ultimate "good guy" here but still just a grumpy ole action hero. All the stories were interesting, the Mexican girls story was sad, Ray Liotta was uber sleazy and I always like Cliff Curtis. 09.13 Penticton hotel

KarlJohan L (br) wrote: HP jobber i narkotikapolitiet. Roter seg skikkelig inn i narkotikamiljet og setter seg opp mot sine kolleger. Etter min mening er HP en skikkelig teiting! Kan ikke gjre noe riktig. Kan ikke si jeg helt forstod budskapet dene filmen forskte formidle. Hvorfor han gr i fengsel for et narkokvinnfolk er ogs for meg helt ubegripelig. Svidt jeg orka trille terningen her.

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Theresa T (it) wrote: Very funny movie. I would have given it a higher rating if the movie would have had closure.

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Cecilia C (it) wrote: The skipper (Cary Grant) of a World War II submarine rescues five stranded Army nurses and puts into port for repairs, where he must scrounge and scavenge parts and supplies needed to put the sub back into action, but a Japanese air raid forces them prematurely out to sea, although their sub has been painted bright pink. Tony Curtis co-stars as a prima donna Naval officer who accidentally found himself assigned to Grant?s sub. Most of the funniest laughs come from the tension between Grant?s by-the-book methods and Curtis? ability to disregard and alter those methods.

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