The Dudesons Movie

The Dudesons Movie

"The Dudesons Movie" is an extreme stunts comedy that features the wild antics of four hilarious, lifelong friends and their crazy lives in the Arctic Circle.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:75 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:English,Finnish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:finland,   stunt,   male nudity,  

"The Dudesons Movie" is an extreme stunts comedy that features the wild antics of four hilarious, lifelong friends and their crazy lives in the Arctic Circle. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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T A P (ru) wrote: Definitely more gangsta than I expected.

Steve H (fr) wrote: Get ready for the coolest film of 2007.....only in Japan baby. At 46 i shouldn't like this, but i do. Forget 'Fight Club' This is da film to see. Genji and friends are great teen cool cats who live to fight, and fight to live. Yet another Manga turned into live action (but is this just one for the boys?), Hard to say. What i liked about the film was that every gang had character, and there was no ripping off arms or spitting out teeth. The side stories of their friends (both Genji and Serizawa) added to the story, and the whole thing although juvenile, was well filmed with enough action and coolness to make you either root for Genji or Serizawa. It's really a movie for teenagers, and a few things don't make sense (like where's the teachers and education? Why bother turning up at all when you can walk out the gate?)But maybe the other kids are just too scared of their leaders not to turn up!

Glenn C (nl) wrote: I got a bit nostalgic watching The Wedding Party. It took me back to movies like Don's Party the possess a uniquely Aussie sense of humour and celebrates the larrikin personality. There's nothing overtly special about the movie but it does work nicely. Josh Lawson plays a guy in financial trouble who agrees to marry a citizenship-seeking Russian woman for $25K. A family friend overhears their plans to marry and soon the entire family have planned an elaborate wedding. The film is nicely balanced with a moderate amount of drama and focuses on various other relationship dynamics amongst the family. Steve Bisley is fantastic as the over zealous father and other players like Adam Zwan, Nadine Gardner and Geoff Paine deliver great performances. There's nothing new here and it's basic formula but it's handled well and delivered sincerely. Its great to see Josh Lawson landing some decent lead roles too. He's really taking off and has been scoring several Hollywood roles (2 leads I believe). he's got the talent and he's likeable. The Wedding Party will give you a few LOLs and it offers one of the funniest moments I've seen in cinema in a very long time. Extra cred for that!

Laila K (it) wrote: from what i remember of this movie, it failed.

Josh P (ca) wrote: It's as brighter than John Q and better than Sleepless in Seattle! A movie that nobody can resist! Minnie Driver is amazing!

Ben G (mx) wrote: A classic rags to riches tale.............without the riches.

Sahara K (kr) wrote: Interesting idea. I liked the fact that it focused more on the psychological aspect rather than the killing aspect like what most would have guessed from the first murder at the start of the film. It was also good how they conveyed the 'transitions' between the murderer!Michael and regular!Michael. However the end of the film didn't make sense and could have been better.

Vince N (br) wrote: Improvising a time of war into a graceful period. Although Savory definably distraught....