The Duke Of Burgundy

The Duke Of Burgundy

A woman who studies butterflies and moths tests the limits of her relationship with her lover.

This is the story of a love affair based on sadomasochistic role-play, with the choreography of sub and dom and the traditional paradox about who is really in charge. It is a passion based on a secret theatre of humiliation and pain. But what happens when one of the parties falls out of love and wants to end the affair, and the real humiliation and real pain come into play? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeffrey T (us) wrote: A few good scares marred by some clunky dialog delivered by some terrible actors.

Adam V (br) wrote: Review coming soon..

Nicholas H (gb) wrote: How bad are the teachers in India that it took a special-needs teacher to diagnose dyslexia? Young Ishaan got left back in third grade, where he admits "the letters are dancing," and NOBODY figured it out? Weak sauce. This is a story that tries to be full of heart but instead is long and weepy and overdone with Bollywood's staple, the song and dance routine. Well meaning, but ultimately not worth the runtime.

Deborah W (nl) wrote: I can't think of anything good to say about it. It did almost make me vomit when the main douche of the movie squished the growth on the other guys neck and goo squirted into the douche's mouth. EWWW!

Masha S (es) wrote: One of the best Vampire movies ever created. Sensual, frightening, humorous, and emotional.

Silas A (ag) wrote: A film that offers a lot but never quite gets there in this early Edward Yang flick. Some WOEFUL acting performances don't help. SEEN AT THE MELBOURNE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL.

Brad G (de) wrote: Whackiest movie the Coen Brothers ever made.

Harry W (ca) wrote: Fletch, deemed to be Chevy Chase's finest comedic cinematic effort, is certainly an entertaining film.Although, it wasn't as funny as I had hoped because the jokes mostly relied on the humourous anecdotes of the main character Irwin Fletcher as he went through the complicated process of his investigation, as well as his talent for portraying many different characters to trick people. I mean don't get me wrong, this was funny and entertaining. It just didn't have many jokes and could have used a few more laughs.And in the chase sequence, the editing is rather chaotic and all over the place, varying between looking good and convincing to identifiable blue screen moments and excessively quick and confusing shots. Luckily this doesn't impact significantly on the viewer's experience much.Fletch was still quite effective though, mainly because of Chevy Chase's performance. Although I wouldn't call Fletch as funny as Chevy's Chase's critically acclaimed comedy National Lampoon's Vacation, I would definitely say that Fletch is his finest performance. Chevy Chase uses his talents as a comedian and as an actor in Fletch, and his characterisation of Irwin Fletcher is too perfect. Chevy Chase has so many personas to portray, and he never slips up in any of them because his confidence is too perfect for the part and all too convincing so that he can can vice viewers that he is someone else in the same way that he convinces all the other characters in the film of it. Anyone who denies his talents as an actor can clearly not have seen Fletch, because he keeps the comedic spirit of the film alive through his own individual talent and is the sole source of all the comedy. His natural charisma and confidence is all very well and funny, and his spirit is just great in Fletch.The performances of Tim Matheson and Dana Wheeler-Nicholson are also good, with the former supplying a convincing mystery and the latter being sweet and somewhat seductive even, though it just comes from the natural sexual charm of Dana Wheeler-Nicholson as a woman.Fletch is also a cleverly plotted comedy which has a mystery behind it that is worth solving, and the comedic approach to that is an appealing and entertaining one. The script is also strong and the language feels very organic and intelligent and funny at times too.Michael Ritchie's role as director was just spot on, and working with Chevy Chase just proved to be nothing short of a success, and that's why Fletch is a good film. It's worth watching for anyone interested in seeing a comedian at serious work, as well as supplying serious laughs as well as Chevy Chase does in Fletch.

Evan H (br) wrote: such an amazing movie! Filled with tragedy and hope. The characters are brought together beautifully.

Jamie C (br) wrote: Date Night is the kind of comedy we get a few times a year that's ok but never memorable, But with such a strong cast it should been better, It has its funny moments but there far few between, There's a fun car chase but apart from that there's nothing new.

Tasos L (es) wrote: ''If clouds are full of water, they pour rain upon the earth. Whether a tree falls to the south or to the north, in the place where it falls, there will it lie.'' Ecclesiastes 11.3