The Dungeon of Dr. Dreck

The Dungeon of Dr. Dreck

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It's the 1960's. Local programming thrives as TV stations create shows for their viewing public. Suddenly the "horror host" becomes a nationwide presence on the airwaves as old horror and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fernando C (au) wrote: A bit of a rip off of PACIFIC RIM, The Asylum's giant monster flick features what many other movies from the company have: poor acting, special effects, writing, among many other things

Pourya E (es) wrote: A must every Harryhausen fan since it covers his entire career.

Ikram K (kr) wrote: The unexpected ending just threw me off. If you loved Catfish, you'd love this.

Mandy C (ag) wrote: While the movie didn't plunged terribly, it didn't manage to raise to it's game either. Too dull and mundane and never really brings it's audience to feel the excitement and heart-pumping experience behind the "Wall Street" rollercoaster ride.

Kanwal S (ag) wrote: I had no idea what the heck was going on (maybe because I was pretty tired when I watched it).

Benot R (gb) wrote: Aprs la vision de Oc (C)ans, l'envie de revoir Le peuple migrateur (C)tait pr (C)sente. En quelque sorte, on sent que Perrin affute encore sa faon de faire et on retrouve des d (C)fauts inexistants dans le premier cit (C). Problmes de ryhme en l'occurence dus (C)norm (C)ment de r (C)p (C)tition dans le propos. En effet, force de se concentrer sur un seul point pr (C)cis, le spectateur a souvent l'impression de voir la mme chose. Les oiseaux migrateurs, c'est trs bien, mais se focaliser uniquement sur cet aspect-l du monde volatile et d (C)laisser la plupart du temps le reste, c'est un peu dommage. On a aussi une impression que certaines scnes ont (C)t (C) travaill (C)es un peu trop que pour y voir une authenticit (C). Certes, le message qui veut le respect de l' (C)thique la fin est l pour rappeler l'honntet (C) du travail de Perrin, Cluzaud et de Debats. Mais quel est-il leur travail? Le mme que dans Oc (C)ans, rappeler au public la fragilit (C) d'un tel ecosystme d'une part, leur montrer que leur plus grand ennemi, outre leurs pr (C)dateurs naturels reste l'homme. Mais bien avant cela, montrer les incroyables prouesses physiques de ces oiseaux, dont certains montr (C)s dans le film sont capables de parcourir 40 000 km en un an (le record (C)tant d (C)tenu par une autre espce capable d'en parcourir 65000). C'est aussi une lutte quotidienne pour vivre et survivre. Les images sont g (C)n (C)ralement grandioses, c'est incroyable la faon dont ils ont pu filmer au plus prs des oiseaux. Il a tout de mme fallu quatre ann (C)es pour fabriquer ce film. Certaines s (C)quences montrent (C)galement parfaitement bien la beaut (C) du rgne animal confront (C)e aux espaces urbains qui n'est pas toujours des plus glorieux. Mais Perrin, comme dans Oc (C)ans, veut aussi montrer des hommes proches des animaux et aidant. Je lui pr (C)fre toutefois son film sur le monde sous-marin que sur le monde des airs.

Matt S (jp) wrote: A cute little film. Don't think anyone over the age of about 12 or 13 would get that much enjoyment out of it. It is silly but harmless. Seen it when I was a kid. Watched a few times on the Disney Channel.

Brandon M (de) wrote: The worst in the whole series...only good scene was seeing Micheal kill with an axe. Lol and that electrocution scene is just awful

Crispin T (ag) wrote: The first of endless sequels that slowly descend into protozoic vaudevillian drek.

Lesley N (fr) wrote: 1970's blaxploitation film which earns an extra star for having the gorgeous Isaac Hayes in it as title role and leading man. Plus it may have been one of his very earliest films but already he's shining with more star power than a bucket fulof galaxies,. Plus there's a great soundtrack by the man himself. Oh, plus he only goes to bed with his girlfriend for a full ninety minutes, notwithstanding the temptations on offer from stables of whores run by the local pimps including a young Commander Uhura and a very young Yaphet Kotto, a full two decades before he gave up a life of crime to run a Homicide department,. If you like ths genre, check it out, it's a good one. . Oh, and did I mention Isaac Hayes was in it too?

Kallie S (us) wrote: The movie was good for fans of the show that could pick up on all the references, and even, people like me who Despite not being a huge Corner Gas fan, still understood what was happening and who everyone was. This movie had a lot of heart, and I am sure that for hardcore fans of the show it was wonderful to go back and visit the 'quaint' town of Dog River.

Carolyn W (ca) wrote: I can't quite tell if I just watched a bad slapstick comedy, a slow action movie or a toothless gritty drama. It's definitely not the fun ape buddy movie pop culture led me to believe it was.

Andrew L (kr) wrote: A great comic book based film, with a great performance from Perlman. The ending was a little lack-lustre and very 'end-the-movie-quickly-as-we're-coming-up-to-the-2hr-mark'. But other than that it's entertaining and looks good. Out of all the action films and comic based films released over the last few years, the character Hellboy came across more effectively than any of the other hero protagonists as a well rounded individual and personality.

Paul John L (gb) wrote: Such a roller coaster ride of emotions. I will be putting this on my Top 5 Love Stories.

Jakub K (mx) wrote: Bring me back to the my favorite song.I don't dut it it's the best music movie for Michael Jackson