The Dybbuk

The Dybbuk

In a Polish shtetl, two young men who have grown up together betrothe their unborn children, ignoring the advice of a mysterious traveler not to pledge the lives of future generations. Soon after, one of them dies, and the wife of the other dies in childbirth. The children grow up in different towns, without ever knowing of the betrothal, but the power of the vow leads them to meet each other when they are marriageable. The young woman, Leah, is promised to another man, but Channon, the son of the father who died, is a practitioner of mysticism, and seeks to win his bride through sorcery.

In a Polish shtetl, two young men who have grown up together betrothe their unborn children, ignoring the advice of a mysterious traveler not to pledge the lives of future generations. Soon... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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The Dybbuk torrent reviews

Seyd R (ca) wrote: Way to cheesey and predictable

Charles S (nl) wrote: Hayden Christensen sure plays whiney well...

Pat M (jp) wrote: The Most Brillianrist Movie of Its Genre.. Reality with a Mix of Intense and Drama!!

Kyle B (es) wrote: This is a beautiful film with an extremely amazing ensemble. Law, Zellweger, Gleeson, Hoffman, Winestone, Portman, White, and Hunnam all are excellent here with Kidman going in and out from good and a little boring here and there but still a good performance. The costumes, cinematography, art direction, and score are all wonderful and it was just a very enjoyable movie. I didn't like this director's Oscar winning movie The English Patient but this makes up for that sappy mess. I am iffy about Jude Law but he gave his greatest performance in this movie and Zellweger rightfully won her Oscar for this movie and it makes me want her to do more movies she has kind of disappeared these past few years. The battle scenes were wonderfully done and I loved it I don't know what more to say.

JH K (es) wrote: La brigada del sombrero, toma traduccion. El reparto esta bien aunque noto a Nick Nolte poco inspirado, pero el guion va dando tumbos desde putas a pruebas nucleares y pierde el norte, ni es cine negro o detectivesco, ni hay suspense... ni siquiera es entretenida.

Rui M (it) wrote: Very different very well done considering its time and budget. Beats most of the mockumentary & found footage crap out these days.

Tyrone R (ru) wrote: good movie, not much to it but it was good

Jay M (ca) wrote: This franchise is how we should all question our every move

Armando P (nl) wrote: Remarkable drug movie that you will remember.

Pavel S (fr) wrote: You can only beat a dead horse for so long...

Philip M (ca) wrote: a wonder! only Ferrara/St John can get known hollywood actors to do very bad things. Mathew Modine looses the plot about who he may have killed due to crack. Dennis Hopper does nothing to help. Sorded, twisted and moral.

Corbin R (ca) wrote: Strange is the best word to describe it. Begins with promise, but slowly fizzles out revealing to many quips to overcome. The story is so flat along with the characters. Also, the performances begin fine, but really start to ware on the nerves. Sadly the movie fell flat & really missed developing the story leaving a very unfleshed narrative with poorly written characters.

Conner R (gb) wrote: One of the most bizarre, silly and amazing kung-fu movies. Much like with Enter The Dragon, this is another influence of Mortal Kombat. To say that Bruce Lee would have been better in David Carradine's role(s) is a completely crazy. Carradine is less about the actual skill and more about creating a character and is certainly a better actor. Some of the actions in this movie are downright disturbing, the character of Cord is always laughing and running around like a complete madman. However, this is a must see movie that should be viewed in the context of when it came out.