The Early Bird

The Early Bird

Norman Pitkin is the assistant helping to run a small, old fashioned dairy which is threatened by a larger, modern organisation. Pitkin does his best to save the dairy (and his horse) and the usual chaos ensues

Norman is the assistant helping to run a small, old fashioned dairy which is threatened by a larger, modern organisation. Norman does his best to save the dairy (and his horse) and the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David P (kr) wrote: Really enjoyed it. Very cute. It is respectful of both cultures, and never enters into favoritism. The beginning is more about how others perceive them than the religious girls' views of the world. Once their friendship is established it focuses mainly on the marriage arrangements and how they support each other through them.A feel good movie that doesn't take too many chances but is clever in portraying the outside world around the main characters. The resolution is satisfying and sweet.

Onkel B (gb) wrote: Tense drama.....With an unpredictable ending, Just misses it's mark somehow.

Dave H (au) wrote: WOW, found this one in the super discount bin at the rental shop down the street. Amazing find. Great story, good acting, well produced for the budget.

Jayakrishnan R (us) wrote: 77%Police Story 3 is filled with lots of fun and slapstick mainly due to an exuberant Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh.

Grant S (kr) wrote: Superb World War 2 drama, and the 1943 Best Picture Oscar winner.Great depiction of the effects of WW2 on a family and community, what they have to go through and how they survive. Not at all sugar-coated: quite gritty and realistic. Conclusion is very stirring. Also covers social issues, especially the English class system, though this is not tackled in a very in-depth or very confrontational manner. Considering that this was made in 1942, it would have have been intended as a propaganda movie, but it doesn't come across at all as being jingoistic or overly nationalistic. It is a movie for all time.Greer Garson and Teresa Wright are excellent in the main female roles, and well-deserved their Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress Oscars, respectively. Both are stunningly beautiful too. Henry Travers and May Whitty are great as Mr Ballard and Lady Beldon, respectively, and deserved their supporting actor/actress nominations.However, among these fantastic performances are two weak ones which reduce the quality of the movie somewhat, and make it less than perfect. What possessed the producers to cast two Americans (though Walter Pidgeon might be regarded as a Canadian) in the two main male roles is beyond me. Walter Pidgeon is supposed to be the quintessential English gentleman yet doesn't even try to sound it, sticking with his American accent. This and his wooden acting are quite off-putting. Somehow he then got an Oscar nomination too.Richard Ney, as Vincent Miniver, at least put on an English accent, but it comes across as too posh and snooty. Also off-putting.Couldn't they find two English actors?Overall, however, it is a timeless classic.

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Damon R (es) wrote: I enjoyed that video. I plan to get the actual comic the movie is based on. I thought it was great.