The Early Years

The Early Years

So-dol, serving a prison sentence after being accused of murdering his friend, gets a 7 day leave from the prison when his mother dies. As soon as he and the guard assigned to him arrive in the village, strange events begin to occur. A 5-year old corpse is discovered floating in the harbor and the entire seaweed harvest spoils. So-dal's guard begins an investigation and find that the supernatural is very real in this remote island.

So-dol, serving a prison sentence after being accused of murdering his friend, gets a 7 day leave from the prison when his mother dies. As soon as he and the guard assigned to him arrive in... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Iwan D (gb) wrote: With uming and aahing whether to watch this thinking it would be just another indie drama, I was pleasantly surprised. It has a cleverley written script by Will Sharpe which manages to find humor from this very bleak story. It is brilliantly directed and also features some brilliant performances from a stellar cast, especially those of Chris Langham, Simon Amstell, Amanda Hadingue and Colin Hurley. It manages to touch on all the emotions and really makes you think after you've watched the film. An excellent film by two budding young directors, who's quirky black comedy should've had a lot more publicity than it had.

Mary F (kr) wrote: The Arctic makes you want to do strange things. It made the producers of this movie spend 6.5 million to make it. Chekhov would have complained about the pace of this production....dreadful.

lhan (it) wrote: chan icin cok yavas bir film olmus

Tayne E (kr) wrote: A very kooky French black-comedy. Loved it!

Dusk S (mx) wrote: Oh man this movie sucks...

Terry W (mx) wrote: funny movie. Stiitch is hillirous as usual

Pavan R (fr) wrote: Enjoyed this move very much. A sensitive portrayal of 2 Vietnam vets and people around them. Was an interesting angle on the aftermath of Nam...bit melodramatic but still a good watch

Steen T (us) wrote: Hong Kong action comedy at it's silliest, most colourful and most enjoyable. The plot is irrelevant nonsense and the three lead girls look fantastic (particularly Brigitte Lin). One of Tsui Hark's finest movies.

Nail by Kym (nl) wrote: Boy it gtes no better than these 2

William W (fr) wrote: A wonderful parable of love, relationships and the place in both for fantasy and imagination. Certainly much more enjoyable to watch, not to mention better acted and directed, than recent delvings into that subject matter, like Lars von Trier's Nymphomaniac (though that wasn't the latter's point). Intensely beautifully photographed, with wonderful performances, most especially by Catherine Deneuve. You can't go wrong with 60's and 70's Bunuel, that's for sure.

Wes S (it) wrote: Fairly interesting story with classic Hitchcock trills and characters. There are many memorable scenes and suspenseful shootouts which keeping a solid pace.

Charlotte B (ru) wrote: This film is brilliant and silly I loved it

Marc L (nl) wrote: En Nouvelle-Zlande, il y a Jane Campion qui laissera la postrit le souvenir d'avoir t la ralisatrice de "La leon de piano" et Brad Campion qui n'en laissera sans doute aucun. Depuis que la trilogie du "Seigneur des anneaux" a t tourne chez eux et que WETA y a lu domicile, l'le aux kiwis se verrait bien comme la nouvelle terre promise du cinma de genre. Sauf que si les ides et la bonne volont sont bien prsentes, personne n'est encore prt dgager les budgets qui pourraient rendre les choses attrayantes. De la rencontre toujours porteuse des nazis et des sciences occultes qui semblait prte rameuter les souvenirs de "La forteresse noire" de Michael Mann, le ralisateur n'arrive pas tirer autre chose qu'une succube au look de travelo transformiste. Incapable de dynamiser ce Survival en espace confin, Campion le rend effroyablement bavard, et achve de ruiner le crdit port un projet pourtant relativement enthousiasmant sur le papier.

Alessandro G (it) wrote: Stupid. Unfunny. I'm not surprised

Matthew K (jp) wrote: Garfield and Shannon are excellent in this movie that explores the dark side of human morality and real human problems.