The Eastwood Factor

The Eastwood Factor

For 35 years Clint Eastwood has called Warner Bros. home. In The Eastwood Factor (Extended Version), film historian Richard Schickel ventures beyond Eastwood’s tough, iconic screen personas to reveal the easygoing and thoughtful man behind the magic. Morgan Freeman narrates this insightful profile that features memorable film clips and visits to movie locations, the Warner Bros. lot and Eastwood’s hometown Carmel where, with humor, candor and intelligence, Eastwood illuminates the craft behind his legendary work on both sides of the camera to create a rare experience that is pure, unadulterated Clint.

Documentary narrated by Morgan Freeman with Clint Eastwood commenting on his film career as an actor, a director and a song writer. He reviews his long relationship with Warner Brothers ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jan B (ag) wrote: Samme greia som den frste filmen, men med nye skuespillere. Ikke like bra, men verdt se om du vil se litt slssing og action!

E L (ru) wrote: This is why I love British humour - satirical, self-lampooning and keenly observed. This film doesn't exactly have anything relevant to say, but that's probably the whole point.

Steve K (mx) wrote: This definatly isnt the Vietnam you see in Apokolypse Now. Love is all around, everything is beatiful and peolpe have the ability to have a laugh after discovering their partners are cheating toe-rags. This film definatly made me want to go on holiday to Vietnam but storywise it really lack any form of engaging substance.

William S (ru) wrote: So the reporter doesn't realize he is from the 20s, yet in modern times. Light and delightful, I laughed all the way through.

Erik A (mx) wrote: This movie is anything but good.

Matthew S (de) wrote: 5/5. From the moment Rosie Perez bursts onto the screen dancing to Public Enemy's "Fight the Power", Spike Lee's masterful essay on race and interpersonal tensions compels, engages and delights. Taking place over the course of a furiously hot 24 hours in the lives of the residents of a single street in New York City, "Do the Right Thing" charts the progress of an explosive riot by exploring the multiple experiences and perspectives of his protagonists through a series of conversations, confrontations and altercations. Lee's wonderful screenplay uses humour to temper what could otherwise have been an exhausting essay on rage and violence. These themes are part of the package but it is the comedy and the humanity of the characters which allows us to stay with them. The cinematography conveys stifling heat so effectively that no matter what the weather is like when you watch this film, you're going to want something cold and icy to enjoy it with. Flawless casting, acting, writing, direction etc. Lee has never been better and this film is a fucking revelation. This is how it's done.

Felipe L (kr) wrote: un completo cago de risa :D

Rick M (ru) wrote: This movie is not only a classic but the best BMX movie ever. Yes it was corny but what 80's movie isn't. Me and all my friends would watch that movie and then go out and ride. In my top 10 movies of all time!

Don S (de) wrote: Not a bad action movie, though a bit light on the action. The effects seem a bit dated, but not overly so since it is about WWII. I couldn't help but feeling throughout this movie that I was watching an extended episode of Hogan's Heroes, with the inept portrayal of the Germans and members of various other nations banding together to overthrow them. The acting is decent, but not outstanding. Seeing Ms. Bach in the tub was a definite plus. Ford looks so young, but this was post Star Wars. His role was meager (even though he gets second billing); I was expecting more. Worth watching if you haven't seen it. I wouldn't go out of my way to see it again. You wrote this on 3/4/09.

Jacob B (de) wrote: C+Kevin Costner does a good job portraying a terminally-ill CIA agent and Hailee Steinfeld does great as his rebellious, yet estranged teenage daughter. '3 Days to Kill' also has some touching father-daughter moments between the two actors with great chemistry. There's not much to say with Amber Heard, who doesn't show emotion throughout the whole film as Costner's dealer/boss. What I'm getting at is that while this film has its moments, I just don't have the heart to say that this is a real good movie. But it's close enough to break through the mold as a decent action-film.

Christopher E (it) wrote: This film is better fit as a TV series or a video game rather then a feature film. In the world of violent, high-speed racing, brothers Rex and Speed Racer become rivals as powerful racer Mondragan manipulates their careers in order to kill them both during the world championships, but the brothers learn its all just an act of vengeance against Pops Racer, who caused the death of Mondragan's father in a race long ago.Oh boy, where to start. The look of this film is very different, stylistic in a way. It's definitely not great, as it better belongs in a video game. In all honesty, it probably wouldn't even look very good then. I see how all the colors and imagery will appeal to little kids, but it surely makes for a lackluster film.The story was entertaining enough and it's not like I was hating myself. It definitely wasn't a well written story but there is a mindless entertainment aspect in it. The writing wasn't very good, as the story was a bit confusing at times and it didn't make sense half the time. The story was pretty ridiculous and extremely predictable, but there is some fun to be had if you shut your mind off; whatever that piece of advice is good for.Emile Hirsch is actually a pretty decent actor. He's not bad and he has some decent moments. But the rest of the acting is very cheesy and groan worthy. I was just sitting there watching ridiculous sequences and it felt like something I'd watch when I'm high. In all honesty, the movie would probably be even more fun if you were high.In the end, "Speed Racer" is a less than average film. It has some mild entertainment to it but nothing more.

Michael Y (ag) wrote: Veronica is a really inspiring character. Smart, intelligent. Good film. Unfortunately, I don't watch the series. It's bad that some storyline confused me.

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