The Echo

Mike Deacon, a tough, lone-wolf reporter discovers that things are not quite what they seem when a tramp is found dead in the garage of a beautiful woman. He enlists the help of an elderly ...

. . He enlists the help of an elderly . Mike Deacon, a tough, lone-wolf reporter discovers that things are not quite what they seem when a tramp is found dead in the garage of a beautiful woman

The Echo is the best excited movies torrent of N/A. This movie was introduced in 1998. There are many actors in this movie torrents, such as Joely Richardson, Anton Lesser, Clive Owen, Richard Huw, Camilla Power, John Forgeham, Kevin Knapman, Peter Lorenzelli, Ray Boot, Stuart McQuarrie, Richard Johnson, Clive Brunt, Frank Baker, Hugh Dickson, Alex Giannini. Movie' genres are Thriller. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 6.9 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie to watch. Share this movies torrent to support us

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Users reviews

Bill B (us)

Worth a look. I also liked it just as a time capsule of the time, when the ketchup looking blood was actually a big deal to theatergoers. There's not much suspense to be had in this one, but the tongue in cheek low budget gore and hammy Sourtherners make it an interesting watch

Jamie C (es)

Good but falls abit flat, But decent comedy at times, Even if it is predictable

Jayakrishnan R (es)

It's got fine performances from it's cast, especially Josh Brolin. It's got plenty of action though it may be unnecessarily over the top at times. 85%Saw this on 8/3/15Planet Terror is the pulpiest of all the Robert Rodriguez films

Lotti K (us)

Fritz The Cat meets the Black Panthers. Some kind of brilliant acid-trip statement on stereotypes and race relations in 70's America

Nate T (us)

On Blu-Ray. Sequel to: Kiss The Girls (1997). 2nd of the two Alex Cross films starring Freeman, 2nd of the three Alex Cross films to date, 2nd of the three thrillers Freeman & Judd starred in together and 2nd of the five total films that Freeman and Judd have made together, to date. Judd has a small role at the beginning of the film. Once again everyone is in top form. A worthy sequel to the hit '90's adaption of Kiss The Girls (1997)

Riitta K (br)

Fanny Ardant is fantastic in the leading role. A beautiful, touching movie. A fictional depiction of the aging opera diva who agrees to do a comeback

Ryan O (fr)

A worthy film worth your time. At its core, this is another chapter in our country's struggle with racism and the efforts that were made to give nine men a fair trial despite the color of their skin. At times, the film felt like a made-for-tv drama, but that feeling didnt detract from the flim at all. Coupled with fantastic performances all around, this is a thought provoking drama that succceeds on most levels. Based on a true story, Heavens Fall is a great courtroom drama detailing the trial of the Scottsboro Nine in 1933

Sawyer W (nl)

Great movie!! Very strange though

Troy K (ag)

Pretty good, much better than I was expecting

Valria V (au)

Bom filme para quem curte o esporte