The Educational Archives: More Sex & Drugs

The Educational Archives: More Sex & Drugs

A collection of anti-drug and sex-education short films.

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A collection of anti-drug and sex-education short films. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Educational Archives: More Sex & Drugs torrent reviews

Kyrie J (fr) wrote: absolutely love this movie. David belle is perfect on this role.

Jane M (jp) wrote: great costumes/clothing. wish there was even more about chanel's creative ideas- i hate to admit it- but this is a chick flick- its a fabulous romance and story- would watch it again- ( but not for laughs!)

Hafsa M (de) wrote: i love it ..... i have seen 11 tyms full movie n saveral tyms only the scenes of meow n ratss ..!!!

Bruno L (au) wrote: It reminded me a lot "Cinema Paradiso." It was really good and different than most typical Chinese movies.

David S (nl) wrote: I cannot understand why this needed to be made.

Brayden T (kr) wrote: This movie is so...damn...great. Too great...I just don't get it...the greatness...

Marko B (mx) wrote: Heikko elokuva. Vain hardcore Pam Grier faneille.

Joseph L (de) wrote: Easily one of the worst films I've ever seen. The giant turtle takes on knife-head. Some babes try to eat some some kids. I'm already bored.

Russell S (es) wrote: A decent detective thriller that has enough energy, twists and inventiveness to make for a fun ride. There's some inexcusably bad cgi of a car crash very early on in the movie but to be honest that's my only serious criticism.

Drew H (de) wrote: Faithfull to the book but who cares, boring in film form and dated social values. Much better Dracula films than this.

Scott M (ca) wrote: If you've seen Rosemary's Baby, You'll quickly recognize this movie. The only sympathetic characters are the bad guys.

Omar G (nl) wrote: The best movie of the 2000s. Period!