The Eel

The Eel

White-collar worker Yamashita finds out that his wife has a lover visiting her when he's away, suddenly returns home and kills her. After eight years in prison, he returns to live in a small village, opens a barber shop (he was trained as a barber in prison) and talks almost to no-one except for the eel he "befriended" in prison. One day he finds the unconscious body of Keiko, who attempted suicide and reminds him of his wife. She starts to work at his shop, but he doesn't let her become close to him.

White-collar worker Yamashita finds out that his wife has a lover visiting her when he's away, suddenly returns home and kills her. After eight years in prison, he returns to live in a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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I am A (mx) wrote: Pretty gritty for a comedy horror

Aaron M (ca) wrote: Excellent expose on an important issue but it provided absolutely zero solutions

Arthur L (de) wrote: Not a bad romantic movie by any stretch. It helped that I had no expectations going into this.

Keith R (au) wrote: What a sad documentary! Interesting, though.

Leo L (br) wrote: An exceptionally, amazing movie with a brilliant story plot by Ajay Devgan. Here's a movie about two who meet, fall in love, marry, and begin a life together. Ajay (Ajay Devgan) falls instantly in love with Piya (played by his wife, Kajol Devgan), at first sight on a cruise ship where she is a waitress at a bar. After buying a round of drinks, he is smitten and decides to win her love. He embarks on a swift journey where he learns salsa, buys her favorite kind of chocolates, gets a dog, and changes his entire home. It is months after their marriage, when Piya starts to forget things collectively and a sudden event causes them to see a doctor. It is there that Ajay learns Piya has an early set of Alzheimer's, and decides to care for her and their unborn baby. Several months after, a certain life-threathening event occurs and it leads him to make the final decision for the safety of his child and his wife: he decides to send her to a patients facility where she will be entirely cared for. But suddenly, he realizes he is nothing without her in his life, and also acknowledges that it is his 'sacrifice' and duty to love, and care, for Piya no matter what. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It is quite clear that one can see the actual love that exists between husband and wife, as they portray in their characters in this movie. Great chemistry that is beautifully detailed between the two, and thus creates a remarkable drama. Fantastic music, especially the title track: "U Me Aur Hum" (You, me, and us). It beautifully details the self-sacrifices one makes for another in the name of love. This is by far, a great movie directed by Ajay Devgan. Hope to see more of his works. ~~~~~~~~~ A movie definitely worth seeing.

Roland M (ag) wrote: Interesting, fresh, unboring. Watched it with no expectations at all, and got a bit surprised at how they managed to get some depth in their world. Certainly not without its flaws, but some of the things they did actually make up for it. It was worth my time.

Srdjan N (jp) wrote: ako zanemarimo americki nezavisni film, bilo koje ostvarenje na spanskom jeziku predstavlja pravo osvezenje od holivuda.

Shantel J (kr) wrote: A very intersting movie!


Maxim A (us) wrote: This is by far, my all-time favorite musical ever! A fantastic choreography, amazing songs and one of Travolta's breakout movies since Saturday Night Fever. The songs were made with a positive, yet cheer tone. This ain't your average musical teenage play, it's also a very well-structured romance between Danny (John Travolta) and Sunny (Olivia Newton-John). The ending is gorgeous with a phenomenal performance from its leads. I have the soundtrack on my phone. So nostalgic! If you're sick and tired of today's bullshit movies, strap yourselves in, take your VHS or DVD and watch this classic. Definitely recommend it!Grade: APercentage: 84%Rating: 4.5/5

miranda p (mx) wrote: One of my favorite movies. Billy Dee was so damned sexy in this movie he made me want to go drin ka colt-45. I also loved Billy Holiday's tragic story and thought Diana Ross did a great job.

Christophe W (de) wrote: Christopher Lee is great in this.

Mike K (de) wrote: My favorite Bakshi film. Plays like an animated TAXI DRIVER; deals with urban decay, isolation, all that good stuff. A-