The Egborg Girl

The Egborg Girl

The Egborg Girl (Danish: Pigen fra Egborg) is a 1969 Danish comedy film directed by Carl Ottosen and starring Dirch Passer.

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The Egborg Girl torrent reviews

Michael G (fr) wrote: Fascinating documentary on how the VHS revolutionized home entertainment.

Greg W (br) wrote: good spanish thriller

Sameen M (ca) wrote: This soundtrack is fantastic. Doubt I'll ever watch the movie tho.

Dale W (es) wrote: In one simple word: Lame. Equivalent of a North American low budget horror.thriller. Really nothing special, and quite boring and uneventful. I was rather disappointed, since I have watched the first and third ones, which weren't that bad, and better written. There was a slight, creepiness in one or two spots, but not worth the time or great effort to watch this film

Jodie O (ru) wrote: A strange movie, but Gale Harold is in it!

Heather M (nl) wrote: I definitely should have skipped this one. Tisdale was ridiculous and the plot was even worse.

Jason Z (ag) wrote: cute movie,, mostly for the younger generation, but good movie

Emily the F (de) wrote: While I didn't like the changed ending, and some parts were left out, it's still a wonderful satire. BUT THIS IS NOT A KID AND FAMILY MOVIE!

Alex K (au) wrote: My Favorite Action Film Is 1988's Die Hard.

Yassine D (ca) wrote: very nice surprise ! Bruce Campbell,D,Carradine and the lovely Deborah Foreman , very funny vampire movie ! good laugh !

Filippo G (de) wrote: It was fun watching...Very typical 70's"hippy generation" movie tho..and a bit replicating the Clockwork Orange character and situations (Some of the Kubrick's masterpiece actors are in this movie). Surreal and dark scenes are cool , and fun because they have a indie movie making vibe. ! Surprise ! when a young Helen Mirren pops in. Cool 70's stripped down live music from Alan Price. Not a great movie but a must watch for lovers of the era.Also check "If" and "Britannia Hospital" !

WK J (ag) wrote: and it bombed in New York, Detroit, Boston, Denver...

Matt L (it) wrote: Dark and bloody. I enjoyed the plot even if it was somewhat predictable. But I always enjoy Viggo Mortensen in anything.

Knox M (nl) wrote: Mrs. Doubtfire manages to get some hearty belly laughs out of the audience member.

Kevin H (jp) wrote: Uncomfortable mix of comedy and drama...Jobeth Williams was sexy as always...

Peter P (es) wrote: Really good Clint Eastwood movie. It has a fairly tight script, good acting and Clint is great as the aging FBI agent. I did figure it out way before the reveal happens, but it did not bother me all that much. Overall a good mind game movie that isn't perfect, but does a good job on all levels.

Joe R (it) wrote: Watching Eastwood and Van Cleef team up to take down some outlaws couldn't be more entertaining