The Element of Crime

The Element of Crime

A cop in a dystopian Europe investigates a serial killings suspect using controversial methods written by his now disgraced former mentor. The film is the first in the director's Europa trilogy. The other two films in the trilogy are Epidemic (1987) and Europa (1991).

A cop in a dystopian Europe investigates a serial killings suspect using controversial methods written by his now disgraced former mentor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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mike w (br) wrote: His name was Jason is OK but didn't really go into a lot of detail. I'm hoping this will be just as good as Never Sleep Again.

Ville H (it) wrote: Olipa paska. Huonoja vitsej, vaikkakin mukana monta hyv koomikkoa. Ei tm naurattanu ees hyvll tahdolla.

Anthony B (gb) wrote: It's more one long chase scene than an actual movie, but the stylish animation and some well-placed slapstick humor make it a very enjoyable chase scene.

Mikey B (ag) wrote: Witty and Intelligent... much better than that disappointment that was JUNO.

Don S (ru) wrote: Chris Pine makes a believable Ryan on his first mission, even if he doesn't realize it to be his first mission. It was great to see Costner in a "good guy" role again, and Knightley is always welcome in any movie I watch. Plenty of decent action, even if some of the situations suffered from suspect believability. I liked this probably more than I should have.

Jayne P (ru) wrote: Omg what a fantastic story.

Ross M (kr) wrote: Branded to Kill was great but this... this is NOTHING. Same kinda theme but its painfully slow and stagey. I dont even get half of the visual metaphors used. What does the colour yellow for instance signify? NO IDEA...!!!

Harrison W (ru) wrote: Beginning of the needless complexity=depth movement? Easy to see how this leads to Memento. I really don't care for this kind of score. Don't think the ratio or black and white particularly added anything either.

Ricky J (ca) wrote: This movie is a complete waste of time.And tyhis is supposed to be a Sci-Fi movie? Really?

Ben L (es) wrote: I like the idea of a murder mystery film that revolves around the story of Jack the Ripper. I've always been a fan of a good procedural detective story, and when you focus it on one of the most iconic serial killers of all time it makes things really interesting. Sadly, I don't think the fascinating concept is handled all that well in this film. For one thing they add in all these trippy mystical elements that do nothing to further the plot. Johnny Depp's character having drug-induced psychic visions is such a strange choice and it doesn't have a reason to exist in this film. The elaborate dark rituals of the Freemasons also seemed out of place, and merely shoehorned in so they could cast suspicion on more characters.Johnny Depp isn't terrible as the lead investigator, but his British accent is too reminiscent of Captain Jack Sparrow so it's hard for me to take him seriously. Heather Graham was a terrible casting choice. I do not think she is a very good actress, and she does nothing to make the viewer connect with Mary Kelly. They try to make the viewer emotional about her potential death and other bad things that happen to her, but I felt nothing. Robbie Coltrane was a nice stable force as Depp's partner. I thought he actually brought more of the serious tone that I couldn't detect in the other performances. Finally there was Ian Holm, who delivered brilliantly throughout as I expected and added gravitas to a movie that desperately needed it.Without spoiling anything in this movie, I will say that they did their best to keep you guessing as to Jack's identity and motive. In fact, for a little while, I thought they'd leave it as a mystery for us in the audience to keep guessing just like in real life. But when he starts to speak, the identity is obvious because they don't do enough to disguise the voice. If you end up not recognizing the voice, then perhaps you will be enthralled by all the possibilities since they keep adding more characters that might be guilty. For me it was disappointing when 30 minutes into a 2-hour murder mystery I guessed who the killer was not by clues, but just lazy film-making. As you can tell, I was a bit disappointed with From Hell. I think there's a good concept in the core of the film, but the movie constructed around that concept is weak.

Calvin C (de) wrote: There are a lot of dance and song numbers in this movie, one wonders when the story finally kicks in. I like the family element to it and Marilyn Monroe is as inoccent and sexy as ever. Donald O'Conner is also charming and funny. The film really shines when anyone is on stage doing their thing. Grade: B+