The Eleventh Year

The Eleventh Year

In the form in which we have each of these documentaries by Dziga Vertov, Odinnadtsatyy, commemorating the tenth anniversary of the 1917 revolution and, therefore, marking the launch of the Soviet Union’s second decade, is far more lyrical and rhythmic than A Sixth of the World (1926).

In the form in which we have each of these documentaries by Dziga Vertov, Odinnadtsatyy, commemorating the tenth anniversary of the 1917 revolution and, therefore, marking the launch of the Soviet Union’s second decade, is far more lyrical and rhythmic than A Sixth of the World (1926). . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nicket S (ca) wrote: Fascinating inter-linked story that is directed very well.Abhishek as the tough narcotics cop was excellent,the others esp Rana was good too.The amusing dialogues also added to the fun factor.

Anand K (de) wrote: Another ridiculous Joy Ride movie where the bad guy sees everything, can appear and disappear at will, including his big rig. I stopped watching when the chick did the thing where she knocks the bad guy senseless then turns her back on him. When is Hollywood gonna stop with that?

William B (gb) wrote: First shot: Two women unknown ages, unknown names run into a public toilet one with a black eye the size of a tennis ball and the other shaking like Michael J. Fox... From then on it just never slowed down really. This hard-hitting, nail biting, gritty british film brought the streets of London to the streets of Brighton in the time space of 24 hours. This is the first British film that I'd seen that involved having sympathy for hookers instead of them always being the problem in the first place. ...The story begins. Kelly is asked to find a 10-13 year old from a rich millionaire who has a thing for young girls, she finds Joanne a smart-mouthed run away who wants money. But both Kelly and Joanne never realised that they'd end up with blood on their hands and two gangs of people after them, it was going to be a dam hard 24 hours. Stoners, shot-guns and sluts. Wow definitely a British. The Thing about this brit flick that really stood out for more was the character Stewart. He is definitely one of the most complex characters I've seen on the screen in a while. He loves his dad and will kill for him, yet with his 'Cigarette story' you think he'd hate him and also the child molesting thing would also add to that as well. So his character along with the gripping storyline really gave this film that extra mile for me. Definitely a great example of a directorial debut by a british direct. Should not be missed. 4/5

Alex K (br) wrote: The best Dream Works film ever

Allan C (ca) wrote: I think there was potential in this teen horror/comedy, which is somewhat of a mashup of "The Hands of Orlac" and "Evil Dead 2" but dressed up as a teen sex comedy. Devon Sawa's hands become possessed by a killer and he (or the hands) kills his parents and best friends, one of whom is played by Seth Green. His stoner buddies then are resurrected as stoner zombies. Sawa is also trying to woo a teenage Jessica Alba while at the same time not letting his possessed hands killer her. I do think this film could have worked if the filmmakers were as clever as Sam Raimi (this film was from the director of "Leprechaun 2"), but they instead this film is really just any other bland teen comedy with horror elements thrown in. I will give Sawa credit for some good physical comedy, ALA Bruce Campbell with his possessed hand in "Evil Dead 2," but that alone can't carry a film. This was an early film role for Jessica Alba. Also look for Vivica A. Fox, Fred Willard, Sean Whalen and Kyle Gass, but don't go out of your way to watch this one.

Marah R (ca) wrote: Although not a fan of Mathew Broderick's work, I happen to find this film quite enjoyable with its witty script and humor.

Gabriel C (jp) wrote: Loud, crude and unfunny, this reboot of an old TV show is also uncertain of its target audience.

Paul A (it) wrote: cool movie liked it when i was a kid

Marty H (ag) wrote: this is basically a lifetime movie with some top notch hollywood actors in it. if you like lifetime movies, then this is a good one for you.

Connor D (nl) wrote: How can anyone not love this movie? The conversations and chemistry between Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan is so charming and irresistible. "When Harry Met Sally" is absolutely a classic in not only the romantic comedy genre, but in the world of cinema in general, and I can't stand that it took me so long to check it out. It's an instant classic for anyone who hasn't checked this one out yet. 9.0/10

Mark S (ca) wrote: A must see for any American

Wayne Z (es) wrote: It shows that this film was made up as it went along. That's it's main appeal and that' s why i like it. It starts with the look of a serious, gritty murder thriller but ends as a goofy, anything goes comedy (featuring a homosexual character and a man in a gorilla suit!), via a low rent Batman and Robin rip-off, with musical numbers thrown in too! Odd.

Saskia D (ca) wrote: Stanwyck was marvelous as Stella Dallas. A role and character that is perfectly matched with Stanwycks loose and and natural way of acting.In an environment where social status dictates modest and appropriate behavior, Stella quickly stands out with her bubbly, impulsive and spontaneous personality. This is also a movie about the love and friendship between a mother and her daughter.

Barney o (br) wrote: WHAT I LIKED: Many regard this as a real blip on the franchise's radar, but frankly for me 'The Bourne Legacy' is not only as gripping and exciting as its three excellent predecessors; it's actually up there with the best. Yes the more personal and character-driven nature of this installment actually evokes the increased feeling of intimacy you got from 'Identity,' as the pacing's breathing-room and the brand-new character arc (as well as Jeremy Renner's magnetic performance) really capture and engage the human side far more than most make out. This means the tense moments (of which there are many) feel just as significant and nail-biting as ever, and the great action - and explosive finale - are really brought home.WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE: The side of the plot that this character stuff surrounds is certainly less developed and interesting than Paul Greengrass' more sophisticated efforts.VERDICT: Driven by character and a great performance from Jeremy Renner, 'The Bourne Legacy' is more than a worthy entry to this brilliant series. It's a bloody great film of its own.