The Emperor and the White Snake

The Emperor and the White Snake

A master monk tries to protect a naive young physician from a thousand-year-old snake demon. A contest of psychic powers results in mayhem.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Mandarin
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:poison,   rat,   revenge,  

A master monk tries to protect a naive young physician from a thousand-year-old snake demon. A contest of psychic powers results in mayhem. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Emperor and the White Snake torrent reviews

D B (au) wrote: Good fun flick! Check it out for the holidays!

kan T (jp) wrote: guzel basladi; sacma bir melodram olarak ki duk cekseydi farkli olurdu buyuk ihtimal.

Tyree G (au) wrote: The intensity of Noomi Rapace's performance lingers and haunts.

Ollie W (nl) wrote: It wants to be a smart, cool, film noir equivalent to Sin City. It just ends up being a dull, trashy version of The Spirit. And lets not forget, The Spirit, was terrible.

Katja A (br) wrote: Aika tuhdissa kunnossa ystvmme Steven (ex-kytt, aika omaperist) tss leffassa.

Eduardo G (es) wrote: pff, que pendejada de pelcula!, no porque fuera mala la idea y el concepto, sino porque al final no logra ser bien desarrollada.

Ben B (au) wrote: Malgr une bande-annonce gniale, le film ne tient pas toutes ses promesses. Le souci, c'est qu'il est dcoup en plusieurs parties, et qu' part la premire, vraiment trs bonne, les autres sont plutt trs moyennes.

Sheldon L (au) wrote: Ok I gotta say the best part of this movie was watching Kevin Smith the rest was just forced and hard to watch....very predictable and VERY cheesy and well just plain dull.

John B (kr) wrote: really didn't enjoy this deeply disturbing movie and it's content that left a lot of loose ends about the aliens and the pedophiles among family issues.

Chris L (kr) wrote: It's got all the elements of the classic Indiana Jones saga, but somehow lacks the ability to avoid applicable criticism. The familial elements feel cheap rather than natural as they did with Indy's father in Last Crusade. And the overabundance of obviously computer enhanced effects already feels more dated than some of the classically aged sequences of the original trilogy. Hearing Spielberg and Lucas's logic behind the intentions here makes sense in theory; mainly aligning Ford's age with the appropriate era's sci-fi obsession. Ultimately this is a good example of the sum of the parts not quite adding up.

Wiard W (mx) wrote: Based on an autobiography. Jeroen is 12, becoming aware that he is attracted to boys' bodies, not girls', and his sense of feeling different,. To compound his sexual stress, he is living with a family, of fundamentalist, Protestant Christianity. The Netherlands is liberated by the allies and a group of Canadian soldiers arrive in the small rural Dutch village. A gay soldier Walt, probably in his late teens,was really maybe only 17 or 18 and sort of a boy himself, detects Jeroen's homosexuality and begins to court him, and have loving sex with him. No doubt it is controversial, maybe disturbing to many is the fact that the boy does not feel victimized., and seeks out the man's company and greatly romanticizes the experience. The Europeans deal with sexuality in a vastly different manner to the Americans do. like it or not, this is an autobiography, we have to accept that he does not feel that the soldier had wronged him. This is his story; he wished it to be told.

Brian S (kr) wrote: I was expecting more outta this one. It's a reasonably well paced action revenge genre pic, but the last act seemed to lack the punch needed for this kind of film , I guess.

Matt D (ru) wrote: As much as I love a serious, dramatic cold war thriller (especially those dealing with the Cuban Missile Crisis) this one comes off exceedingly flat and hard to get into. With this, his 3rd to last film, Hitchcock seems to have been trying something dramatically different from his classic films and while I admire the the attempt to make a deadly serious spy thriller at a time when James Bond was king, this could have used a lighter touch. The cast is decent enough but no one really captures your attention here. And while there are a couple scenes of great tension that Hitch builds masterfully, but they are a little too few and far between to keep this from being one of his most disappointing efforts.

Jim H (ru) wrote: During the Spanish Civil War, an American mercenary works with a local group of fighters to blow up a bridge.I've written before that if there's a heaven, it must involve being loved by Natalie Wood. There's no reason not to add Ingrid Bergman to that list. Can you imagine both of them? It's hard enough to get one.Bergman and Gary Cooper maximize the small amount of time the story dedicates to their love affair, and they make what seems convenient believable.In typical Hemingway fashion, the story is about manhood and war but also love. And the group of people Cooper's character encounters are all round, interesting characters with complex backstories and intentions. Nobody is villainized, but it's nonetheless clear whom Hemingway respects.Cooper, whose reserved performance in Pride of the Yankees can't be underestimated, was, I thought, too reserved in this film, especially at the end. I think the film needed an emotional explosion, a last gasp for hope and love in spite of the degradation that surrounded him.Overall, this is a Hemingway story, so you know it's good, and the three hours goes by quickly.

Wen Jun L (es) wrote: A decent introduction to the series. other movies have been trying to copy it since.

Steve M (it) wrote: Thought-provoking and original. Definitely worth a watch if you're in the mood for something different.

Rob R (nl) wrote: The Voices (2014) Jerry suffers from hallucinations and hears voices through is pets. Jerry is mentally ill and socially awkward. Jerry is played by Ryan Reynolds and his performance is exceptional. This movie is worth watching for Reynolds alone, however, if you're a fan of dark comedy and horror than good for you. The first half of the film is engaging using creative ways to effectively show Jerry's hallucinations and delusions. The second half of the film loses a bit of steam, but it's still a solid movie with a couple twists and turns that elevate the plot in a satisfying way. It's definitely memorable, and Ryan Reynolds gives one of his most unique performances of his career. That's all you need to know, because the less you know about The Voices, the more fun you will have. B-