The Enchanted Journey

The Enchanted Journey

A young chipmunk in the city undertakes a journey to return to the forest.

A young chipmunk in the city undertakes a journey to return to the forest. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul D (gb) wrote: There's some poor acting and some passable acting, but the main point to make about this movie is the misleading title, it's much more about why the sharks are raging, the result is a standard action movie.

Sylvester K (fr) wrote: Manderlay is a sequel to Dogville, although not as compelling, it tells a great political story. This time Grace arrived at a plantation where she decided to make some changes, but due to her being naive, inexperience and idealistic, she actually ended up creating more problems. Bryce Dallas Howard was great at playing Grace, but Nicole Kidman did a better job. The key messages Lars taught us are that: Communism never works, people are meant to be controlled and people are selfish in nature. Despite really enjoyed this film, I found the slaughter of a donkey unnecessary and the black paint on some actors' faces disturbing.

Dario N (us) wrote: No es fcil digerir una pelcula con dilogos en los que se plasma una parte de las ideas de Fernado Vallejo. Mejor dicho hay que verla y aunque ahora la situacin en Med es diferente, hay que aceptar que esa fue una etapa que vivi nuestra ciudad.

Carlos I (nl) wrote: Not as terrible as people like to pretend. There are some really impressive effects (especially for the day) at play. Granted, it's nowhere near as good as the super gritty reboot, but it's still fairly fun. The comedic sidekick is totally unnecessary though.

Don N (ag) wrote: just saw this again after a long absence on dvd, and it doesnt seem as good as remembered it, maybe the sepia toned depression of it all suited me back then. its interesting to know that she made this the same year she was in the hudsucker proxy, which was another look back in the past but her performance is nuanced enough to make it different. also, while i liked the scenes with parker and benchley, i couldn't help but feel i was getting a cinematic embellishment of the past. 'Shine' suffers from the same problem.

Daniel S (mx) wrote: I wish the film had played more with some of the ambiguity it offers, but it's still juicy and atmospheric.

Tania H (fr) wrote: Saw this as a kid, but would love to see it again. The video game story was the best.

David K (br) wrote: A tour de force (no pun intended), with zillions of famous actors doing cameos in three languages. Excellent epic movie. Not bad history lesson, either.

Chrisanne S (ru) wrote: Pretty Good. Don't know why they have to ruin some prints by colorizing them.

Sally Z (fr) wrote: I'd rather see it on stage.