The Encounter: Paradise Lost

The Encounter: Paradise Lost

Seven years after the world's most devastating tsunami in Thailand six strangers find themselves trapped in a beach side resort on the brink of an oncoming hurricane. Each of their hearts are broken and silently cry out on the most desperate night of their lives. As the storm rages on and the six strangers fall deeper into the heart of darkness another guest arrives at the hotel. He says he is Jesus Christ, and he knows what each of them suffers from. Knowing their dire need, he came to bring them all a message of hope and rescue them from the darkest corners of their own hearts.

A group of seven man are trapped in a beach side resort due to an upcoming hurricane. As the storm rages, each of their heart are broken while they cry out desperately. Suddenly, a man appears and claims himself Jesus, bringing them a massage of hope. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Encounter: Paradise Lost torrent reviews

Christie Jade M (br) wrote: Probable one of the worst movies I have watched in a long time, give it a skip.

WS W (mx) wrote: Bernardo Bertolucci's interpretation of adolescents' restlessness.

Vera N (ru) wrote: this is an inspiring movie to see what American military have to go through when they come home ...hell

Matthew A (mx) wrote: There is almost no heart and credibility to this movie as it unfolds. Gerard Butler is a good choice for the title character, but he's unable to get at the heart of Sam Childers. The same is true for the screenwriter, who's script comes off like a rough draft. If there is one highlight to this movie, then it is the atmospheric music. It alludes to the wasted potential of the story. This is a disappointment from the reliable director, Marc Forster.

K K (jp) wrote: Quite enjoyable although I found the ending quite abrupt. The characters and their relationships felt real and sincere. I wanted to know more about the real story afterwards. I liked the pacing until the end but perhaps that was my level of engagement in the story. Overall, an enjoyable film.

Tanya P (jp) wrote: Mills and Boon for girls.

Cris C (es) wrote: Wonderfully done. Great acting, directing, etc. Loved Patrick Stewart as the Ghost and Claudius (were they twins in this one?)BUT. They CUT some of the To be or not to be speech. HOW do you cut anything out of that speech?? It pretty much IS the play!But, the rest of the movie was really great, so I only took off 1/2 a star from what would have been a 4-star rating.

Brock J (ru) wrote: I love Cornelius in this one, really happy when I saw Roddy McDowall played Ceasar in the sequel as well.

Maggie L (us) wrote: One of the worst movies in recent film history