The End

The End

Wendell Lawson has only six months to live. Not wanting to endure his last few months of life waiting for the end, he decides to take matters into his own hands and enlists the help of a delusional mental patient to help him commit suicide.

After discovering that he has only months to live and getting little empathy or even attention from his relatives, Wendell Lawson (Burt Reynolds) becomes distraught and bungles his attempts at suicide. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The End torrent reviews

Reese J (br) wrote: an exceptional entry for Sam Raimi's return to horror.

Gregory W (it) wrote: great all star cast bring this 2 life

intuciic (mx) wrote: extremly strange, wierd and twisted movie!

Cole M (ca) wrote: Cool movie :) sad but fun. Seriously what's up with the ending? So whatever palm-readers tell us IS true? That's just retarded.

Shawn W (us) wrote: My take on this, very predictable from the first 10 minutes of the movie. This is also a sleeper, perfect to take a 45 to 50 minute nap to, that is if it doesn't put you into a coma first. This waste of film is also very disrespectful to those that that serve(d) in the armed service. From what I can tell, it seems that inbred street gangs with an IQ equivalent to a plant that wield guns are more deserving of recognition than the true brave men and women who fought, which some lost their lives, for us. Matthew Hope should be ashamed of him self for creating this film.

Russell H (au) wrote: This was terrible. The acting ruined every part of it.

Bryan D (kr) wrote: Hits all of the 80's teen slasher beats without heading into parody like it would in the third instalment.

Naoya K (ca) wrote: Eastwood Ultimatum. Setting is really interesting, but overall too simple and shallow. Because of the lack of clear catharsis for the protagonist (like revenge, as in all the westerns by Eastwood himself), it does not give you much emotional fulfillment at last. Eastwood character is, thus, simple, and this film's just like one of Dirty Harry series. I wish Eastwood was going to direct this one too, then it could've been really different and a lot deeper (even though Sturges is the right choice for making this film as it is).

Greg W (jp) wrote: kinda cliche and not too scary