The Endless Wait

The Endless Wait

Abhik Chowdhury is an IPS officer with a heart -- honest, upright, yet laid-back. Having lost faith in the real relationships that he sees around him, Abhik seeks solace in the virtual world. While navigating through this virtual world, Abhik develops an online relationship with a young woman, Brinda, without knowing anything about her. Brinda is a young, dynamic television journalist. For both Abhik and Brinda, who do not know each other's real names or whereabouts, this online communication soon becomes an increasingly intense relationship, more real than virtual. Ironically the virtual lovers, Abhik and Brinda have an acrimonious first meeting in the real world - at the launch of a controversial mega project of a big-time real estate entrepreneur, V.K. Mehra. Unaware that she knows Abhik so well on the Internet, Brinda, gets into a bitter exchange of words with him. Before leaving in a huff...

A story about love, wait and loneliness. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ruthie R (gb) wrote: You know what? This wasn't as bad as expected. It certainly wasn't good, but it just wasn't AS bad I expected.

Marilee A (fr) wrote: She is Funny,this was pretty Funny

Lydia L (ca) wrote: boring...but i like the songs in the movie

Dave I (de) wrote: I prefer straight up zombie movies, but this could be cool.

An M (us) wrote: The fact that there are overwhelmingly negative reviews is a testament to the raw power behind this film. The wretched truth about everyday, normal lives that are happening this instant to regular people is captured brilliantly through style and mood; and there is no denying that most reviewers would simply rather pretend that life is a perfect pleasure with no pain than face such an accurately portrayed side of it.

Private U (jp) wrote: man, you have no idea how much i wanted to love this movie. the cinematography was really well done, specifically the use of color considering the medium.. but that couldn't carry the film. the pacing felt completely forced, and the whole feeling of "angry young men" totally failed to convince me. it's hard to feel for the characters with so little real insight into them. usually i love the vague, complex and mysterious, but this feels kind of wishy-washy and slapped together.

Keith E (nl) wrote: Very disappointing, film told nothing really !

ray r (ca) wrote: jerry garcia and dave grissman are great and talented people!

Dylan W (ag) wrote: 62%Bean is alright for what it is but this film could've really been something special if the story was heavily improved and if the characters weren't so cliche.

Jan Marc M (ag) wrote: The Postman is a beautiful fictional work that reveres words, metaphors, and inspiration. A solemn praise to poetry, grace, and simplicity. Treasured.

Teresa W (de) wrote: One of my favorite 80s flick!! ha.

Jarrod R (au) wrote: Lame, dated, cheesy....1 Starfighter

Reggie S (ca) wrote: Hardy shines as only a madman's erect, butter-covered member can - so bright, in fact, that I fail to see much of the plot or overarching implication.

Judge L (us) wrote: I remember seeing this when it first came out on video. To this day whenever I hear an ice cream truck driving around I instantly think of this movie, and then wonder if I should run and hide...hahaThere is so many faults in this flick, and it is very campy..but it is a fun one to watch!6/13/14:Fun one to go back to from time to time.

Nolan P (mx) wrote: Pretty darn good flick and one of best acted movies of all time!

Giovani S (kr) wrote: This movie was awesome! My only complaint was length, but I think they had no choice.

Dick M (mx) wrote: Thanks to Jessica Korneder for recommending this, though I found myself searching for The Devil Wears a Blue Dress (I'll assume it was my error and not JK's). So then I searched for Denzel Washington Wears Prada, and that didn't work either. In any case, it really hit the spot for me, as Jessica correctly predicted. I was a little depressed and drag-ass this morning and had decided to blow off my workout and just go to Behaviorlandia and pout. But instead, I went to Behaviorlandia, NetFlix streamed the Devil on my 61" screen with my quintuple surround sound and got so happy that I grabbed my rubber exercise tubes and worked out through the whole movie. (Well there was a confounding, as my recovery from drag-ass depression might have in part be attributable to the 200 MG NoDoz I'd taken; however, in accord with our BATS Practitioner Model, we're happy with treatment packages.) But enough about me (or almost enough, actually there can never be enough) Denzel Washington and Don Cheadle blew me away, as did the soundtrack. Of course, most of you are not as cool as I am and, therefore, are probably not cool enough to appreciate the great jazz/blues/1945-ish soundtrack; but I know Travis Thompson and John Pokerwinski certainly are and would certainly enjoy the music. And it would be a great cultural opportunity for the rest of you who might have such lofty aspirations. With love, Uncle Dickie