The Erotic Man

The Erotic Man

The film has been ten years in the making, and over time it has grown to become what the director himself has called an artistic testament. It is simultaneously his most personal and most provocative film. A film about growing older, about losing, about the special moments one remembers, and about the director's own circling around the essence of eroticism.

A collections of scenes based on documents, letters, pictures and poems that depict a man's erotic nature. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Spurfect s (kr) wrote: Bollywood film dad wanted to see I tagged along, wish I hadn't or atleast watched the trailer first. yet, in a strange way I am glad I watched it, because the story has stayed with me and the more I reflect on it, the more I think how true some things are. And it should be watched for the line alone "Awwaaz Neeja!!!! " BANG BANG ..... LOL still makes me laugh :P

Vicky G (kr) wrote: Wow! What an authentic subtle love story, like only the French know how to tell it. Quelle belle chanson la fin; Quel Joli Temps (Septembre)Quel joli temps pour se dire au revoirQuel joli soir pour jouer ses vingt ansSur la fum (C)e des cigarettesL'amour s'en va, mon c"ur s'arrte.

Martin F (fr) wrote: Excellent, excruciating tale of manners amongst uptight middle Englanders. Beautifully done, Joanna Hogg is definitely one to watch.

David Sweeney (it) wrote: This is just more feminist garbage to be shoved down the throats of America by Hollywood. When the description of the movie starts off bragging about how it is an only female made movie you know it's terrible and has no other valid reason for you to waste your time watching it.

Yuu C (jp) wrote: Really hurtful and emotional movie. Very dark overall and almost comically tragic.

Scott S (ru) wrote: Try and imagine "While You Were Sleeping" where the guy is merely out of town in the beginning and then when he arrives, misunderstandings begin to snowball hilariously. As has been said before, Kim Ha-Neul completely carries this film, and to wonderful effect. She's charming, a little devious, and totally believable as an ex con trying to live the straight life, but just can't help herself when Kang Dong-won's Hee-cheol shows up and acts like a jerk.

Heist (ag) wrote: Run Man Run further proves that spaghetti westerns were for the most part, really bad. Shortbus is all sorts of awful and it is, surprise, saved by the convincing sex. I remember being surprisingly pleased by Opening Night, but I can't say much more. Shakes the Clown was awful and Beowulf was fun.

Do you even Jay C (nl) wrote: *THE OFFICIAL BETTER THAN JUNO SEAL*Okay, I have a fanboyish love for this film, so it is in the same vein as Mission Impossible. However, I just love this film too much to give it a 6, which it would earn had I not grown up with this film. Arachnophobia is a tribute to creature features of the 80s, 60s, and 50s. NOTE: I left out the 70s cause none of the best creature features came out then. This Spielberg produced horrorshow! is enough to bring nostalgia to those who loved paying for a ticket to go see Godzilla, Alien, or the Creature from the Black Lagoon, though I wasn't alive when those films came into conception. However, we've all at least heard of those films. It's a great film to watch on a Friday night when you just want to be entertained and some scares. I may as well reveal a secret of mine.....I have a mild form of arachnophobia, so yeah, it does kind of creep me out when the scene where the spider crawls in her shower...Arachnophobia is about a two spiders, who come together and breed. They create the ultimate deadly, poison-filled arachnid to ever walk the Earth. It's bite is known to kill people in mere minute. Of course like most spiders, one was not born. Millions of this deadly species was created and it. And thank god that this spider is located in Venezuela....Phew! Unfortunately, due to the lack of care, many of the spiders venture onto the cargo ship. And they make their way to a modern SoCal suburb. They venture into the town and cause mayhem. So enter Jeff Daniels' character, Dr. Ross Jeninings. He escaped the big city to avoid the many dangers of it, and settled in the small town. After a recent string of deaths, he's nearly losing his mind at trying to find out what is going on! Oh, and to make things much more interesting...Ross has a severe case of Arachnophobia, hence the title. First off, let me say that Jeff Daniels is a great actor when he's not trying to do comedy. Of course, the film is semi-comedic, but it also is supposed to have it's moments of drama. Of course Jeff isn't really trying to be funny, which could lead to many people thinking he's rather one-note in the role. However, he gets the job done here and it's good. It's also really hard to watch a comedy about spiders when there are so many crawly scenes, namely the shower and popcorn scenes, which made me become tense when I was about to take the shower the next day. The film is simply thrilling, though. The characters, or at least Jeff Daniels', were likable enough for me to care for what happens to them. It's chilling at times when you realize that this could very well happen to you. I mean, think of all the deadly spiders they have found, and then think of the ones that haven't been found. I wouldn't recommend this film to those who have real arachnophobia. I'm not talking about those people who say they have it, but is unfazed by the site of it. I'm talking those people who have real panic attacks at the very time they see one. This film is pretty humorous at times. But when they get to the spider attacks, it can be a little too much for the arachnophobic people to take. For those brave enough or at least have no fear of those eight legged freaks, I can see you getting by this film quite easily and enjoying your time. However, I've warn you arachnophobes. This is not for you.The overall acting in this film is great. Jeff Daniels of course can do no wrong, except Dumb and Dumber and the apparent sequel. He's quite charming as the arachnophobic doc, who wants to know more about the recent slew of deaths. John Goodman comes in a small, but important, role as the exterminator to take out the spiders. Let me say, that he's pretty much the show stealer. His character is funny and likable all around. Of course, the rest of the cast is charming in their own way.

Johan V (es) wrote: Matige sci-fi die de belofte niet helemaal kan waarmaken. Gillian Anderson maakt wel een sterke beurt.

Lance W (it) wrote: How did critics not like this movie more?

Raymond B (ca) wrote: A star studded cast some just playing minor roles. Parts of it reminded me of Unforgiven with the starkness of survival in the early days of the US Territories.

Eric C (gb) wrote: I wanted so bad to like this in a so bad it's good type way, but it never quite worked out. That being said, it had a weird Air Force One meets The Rock meets Olympus Has Fallen/White House Down vibe going on that was strangely satisfying for the final few minutes in a Bad Boys 2 type way.