The Essential Clash

The Essential Clash


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:103 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:The Essential Clash 2003 full movies, The Essential Clash torrents movie

Formed in 1976, The Clash embodied passion, idealism and political social zeal. Blending rock, reggae, hip-hop and funk, they were the cutting edge of the punk scene. This disc, an essential primer for fans of the influential group, includes tracks such as "White Riot," "Complete Control," "Tommy Gun," "Clampdown" and much more. Also includes a "Clash on Broadway" theatrical trailer and the group's never-before-seen home movie, "Hell W10." . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


The Essential Clash torrent reviews

Kim M (de) wrote: great movie and heart touching

Wiebke K (kr) wrote: The stories of a number of Palestinian women, starting in 1946, ending in 1993, focusing on Miral who grows up in the 1980s.

Sebastian B (fr) wrote: Strange and ambient.

Don B (ca) wrote: Maybe if we could eliminate the unnecessary song and dance stuff, it might be an interesting take on the classic story. Sadly, it ran about an hour too long for me. Many of the actors, especially "Genius", WAY overacted their parts.

Jessica H (ca) wrote: Fans of Fox will enjoy it.

Max C (gb) wrote: I never really thought of picturing an actor such as Michael Keaton to star in a movie as the bad guy, but after watching this, I must say that he pulls it off very nicely. I think that a lot of people who have bad tenants that live in their homes can relate to a film like this. This movie is a good thriller that sends us a clear message, and that message is: Sometimes, we need to be especially wary of the people or person living in our new home because we don't know if that person is good or bad.

Paul D (gb) wrote: A nice animated adaptation of a Dahl's book which like most of his stories were somewhat on the dark side.

E L (ru) wrote: So bad it's good. Well... mostly bad.

Kate E (mx) wrote: So, I have this biig ying for Anthony Perkins. He's hot, well was hot. I loove hot, creepy guys so I thought hey, I'll watch this movie.Holy cow, it's good. I really liked it. Perkin's plays a kinda strange man, who falls for a 17 year old girl who he kind of tricks into thinking he's in the CIA. Well, come to find out, she's a bit more crazy than he is, a lot crazier. She gets so far into the lie that she starts killing people.

Christopher P (mx) wrote: Sinatra singing "The Lady is a Tramp" helps this Broadway hit transfer to the silver screen.

Jenn T (nl) wrote: Just didn't do it for me, good cast though.