The Evil Cult

The Evil Cult

A wild and rollicking martial arts fantasy extravaganza that features prized swords -- and swordsmen, a crazy monk attached to a rolling boulder (yup!), serious clan and cult rivalries, and...

This is a famous film tells the story of the two sects work together to protect the people and against the forces of evil. Led by the young man discovered a curse, the only person to be taught the secret life of legendary martial, can rescue people from... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bjarke K (au) wrote: Anede ikke at Bjrn Lomborg var p vej med et Hollywood-modangreb p Al Gore...

Terry L (jp) wrote: Apparently 0 stars is not possible. If it were, that would be my rating. What can I say about this movie. Well, the story is lame. And mor just a little lame. It was seriously lame. A three year old duck with a broken wing and a head injury could have done better. The acting is weak. I mean, Rob Schneider was a main draw. What did they think would happen? The cinematography was poor. You would think with the backdrop of Tahiti, there would be some breath-taking scenes, but no. Only poorly shot scenes. And finally, I didn't care for the characters. I was hoping they would all lose in the end. They were that uninteresting. Hollywood, I want my money back.

Dave J (mx) wrote: Thursday, May 5, 2014 (2009) Police, Adjective (In Romanian with English subtitles) DRAMA This movie is only intentioned for movie critics or movie lovers who've watch way to many movies without any free time to pick up a newspaper nor watch the news. Written and directed by Corneliu Porumboiu which can best defined as not much of a movie. It stars Dragos Bucur as cop Cristi assigned to tail a particular student where viewers are subjected to wasted minutes of him following someone on foot, before standing around, observing the student. We then see the teen smoking something, we're assuming it's only a few joints, before he heads back into class. And then, once the teen finishes school, Cristi then follows him by foot some more. Can it get anymore exciting than that. I mean, I can sometimes see more action by looking outside my kitchen window. We then get to see cop, Cristi having to write a report on this, and we soon find out that he also has a snitch or a mole, helping him with this one case since he doesn't know the culprit this teenager was getting his pot from. And it frustrates him because Cristi's boss has been pressuring him for a sting operation. And then if that wasn't enough, we're also subjected to Cristi arguing with his boss since he had just found out that 'using pot' is going to become an unindicted criminal offense. Will viewers ever find out how this particular teen obtained hash in the first place in time? Watch and see. Besides from what I've just described, we are then subjected to more wasted minutes of Cristi eating his food. I mean, how can this enhance the movie when it's not even about it. If I wanted to see someone enjoying his/her food, I can always look at the person sitting across from me or go to a family restaurant. And if viewers are wondering why it's called "Police, Adjective", it is the result of either one of 2 things, which is 1) Cristi arguing with his girlfriend regarding an annoying song, and 2) that his boss physically making Cristi read words out loud from the local police station dictionary since he's uncomfortable participating in this sting operation, and charging the teen at the same time with possession of an illegal substance. Watching this, felt like I was still in high school again. 2 out of 4 stars

Rick P (au) wrote: A bland and predictable mockumentary with a great premise but poor execution.

Gregory S (de) wrote: Is it a good documentary? Yes, but it will infuriate you

Fernando Rafael Q (gb) wrote: Funny, but too gay for my taste... i don't even know why i rented it in the first place.. few big laughs...

Pavan R (ag) wrote: Great entertainer and action with a pretty good story line. well directed and edited

Adan R (ag) wrote: Good perfomances and message but the dialogue is cliche and over dramatic at a really big level

Yash B (au) wrote: A very inspirational sports drama.

joal p (br) wrote: i didnt expect i'll enjoy this movie... but i did!

Steve G (mx) wrote: Surprisingly, much nicer than I thought it'd be.

Private U (us) wrote: The version (Operation Thunderbolt) with Yehoram Gaon, Gila Almagor and other Israeli actors as well as real footage of Yitzchak Rabin (PM at the time) was brilliant. It made it seem so real in comparison.

Senor C (fr) wrote: WHAM BAM.. HERE COMES PAM!By far both Pam Grier & Jack Hills best movie. Coffy is a blaxploitation classic & my favorite of the genre along w/ Bucktown. Grier is out to kill those dope pushin mother-fuckers & is one hot sexy mama to boot. This movie made me fall in love w/ her & has made her my favorite actress. Plus I love her sugar boobies. Loads of fun especially from the always great Sid Haig that any self respecting old school film buff should watch this any time they have the opportunity to. It's soul cinema it includes a great cat scrap where Grier puts razor blades in her afro. Good goddamn that bitch is cold

Four Star F (gb) wrote: Starring Robert Mitchum, Jane Greer, and Kirk Douglas, this has every element of a good film noir. Jeff Bailey (Mitchum) makes his living in a small town working at a gas station. He has an honest living and a girl. However, soon his past catches up with him and he must explain it. Once he was a private investigator who got mixed up with a powerful man (Douglas) who wanted some money found. Pretty soon he met a beautiful but deadly woman (Greer) who constantly tested his trust. However, he had tried to forget them and yet they both creep back into his life. With a murder pinned on him, Bailey can do nothing but go along with them. Soon he becomes embroiled in more treachery and backstabbing which all has to do with the woman. With one last entreaty she urges him to flee with her since they both have dark pasts. In the end her fanciful plan is foiled by Bailey and it soon turns fatal. With its dialogue, flashback, voice over, and femme fatale, this is a classic in the film noir genre and simply a good film.

Dan M (kr) wrote: Satisfyingly creepy tale of a woman who had deceased and "awoken" by a voodoo spell.

Corey R (us) wrote: truly worthy of the resident evil name as it follows the games plot that I love!

Austin G (us) wrote: I found this movie on YouTube (please don't arrest me), and I thought it was one of the better indie films out there.

Simon P (fr) wrote: An enjoyably ridiculous '90s style psychic thriller with probably the most considerate serial killer of all time.

Maksim B (de) wrote: A Perfect Day is a small scale, war-story that pays a most deserved tribute to aid workers around the world who risk their lives daily in war-torn zones. A war movie that does not emphasize violence, brutality and action in the pure meaning of genre, this is a thought-provoking, dark-humor soaked drama which does not work quite as a movie, but as a documentary with elements of acting. Slow-paced to a level that it could challenge the mainstream audiences, A Perfect Day does not provide answers to the questions it asks, but let you find your own ones by watching the absurdity of war, peace-making and the human interactions. The story of Fernando Len de Aranoa's movie is pretty simply, it covers 24 hours of the lives of several aid-workers trying to help the ordinary people in the war-torn ex-Yugoslavia during the 1995 war. Mambru (Benicio Del Toro), aid-veteran B (Tim Robbins) and the inexperienced and still idealistic Sophie (Melanie Thierry) have a pretty simple task. They need to find a long and strong rope in order to get out a dead body from a village's well. What seems to be a simple task, turns into a local journey that faces the absurds of wartime logic. Focused on people's interaction, on character study of what keeps people together in times of brutality and hopelessness, A Perfect Day works more as an odd documentary than a Hollywood movie. This could be challenging for many as the story is developing without a typical "evil protagonist" or a clear direction. Someone who is looking for a fast-paced drama, filled with war-time tension will actually be disappointed as the Fernando Len de Aranoa's delivery offers none of this. Another small issue which could potentially alienate some is the fact that the movie remains a kind of a "macho" and sexist delivery in which even the characters of Melanie Thierry and Olga Kurylenko remain underdeveloped and without sufficient attention. I assume, though, that this could be accepted by the audiences due to the fact that story actually depicts a time and a place where sexism was actually still present.In conclusion, A Perfect Day is a formidable example for art-house filmmaking which will please in terms of content, acting and cinematography. Challenging, but yet rewarding, this is a delivery that never aspires to be big while it touches feelings and thoughts which will stay stuck in your mind long after the final credits .

Adam D (de) wrote: a very good western from 1970 i seen this movie a few times but in wide screen and blue ray for the first time and yes beautiful horses in the movie i like my westerns with horses.