The Evil Dead Inbred Rednecks

The Evil Dead Inbred Rednecks

Dumb by Dawn.

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Ben R (jp) wrote: Black comedy that must have been pretty shocking when first released, but aside from one jaw dropping detour through Central Park most of the jokes are prime time TV worthy these days. The movie is very funny at times, little more than diverting at others. The DVD includes an extended ending sequence that is...well... quite improper to say the least.

Shmags Z (nl) wrote: onstly its very undrrated...story driven, nt prfct ysss bt worth a watch!

James H (ag) wrote: Touching but very artificial presentation, it seems very much a made for television quality. It lacks a realistic view. It's heart is in the right place though. Good performances.

Joe A (ag) wrote: This movie had a bigger production budget than I had expected for a straight-to-DVD movie that I hadn't even heard of. With some better writing and better actor, this would have been a great movie, but it wasn't so. The action was great, but acting and story was horrible.

Alyssa J (br) wrote: Sistahh && sistahh!! =D

Tim H (ru) wrote: Its hardly a classic, but this little ghost flick has a lot going for it. The acting is soso and the script needed a bit of work, but the scares come well timed and the atmosphere and effects are great. Worth a look.

Cameron L (de) wrote: After about 20 minutes, i was wondering," why doesn't cedric, the multi-faceted, talented man that he is, play every member of his family?" All I had to do was wait another hour, when cedric's crazy lookalike uncle shows up. I vote to change cedric the entertainer's name to cedric the fuck-tard. Luckily, steve harvey shows up just in time to add flavor to this greasy pile of cinematic dogshit... NOT! The guy's a humorless schmuck.

Brandon B (es) wrote: I'm surprised by the negative reviews of this. I rather enjoyed it. Nice and quirky, just how I like it.

Dyron W (nl) wrote: Martin Lawrence adds a lot of much needed comedic energy and deliveries to the film's generic script

Yolandie G (br) wrote: asia argento rules.great to see a strong female who is not a bitch.

Jacob W (gb) wrote: Rather boring and lacking in sense, and why did they get rid of the Zeo powers?

Last call (ru) wrote: classic horror movie from the 80's!!!!!!

jay n (au) wrote: Preposterous premise but if you don't think about it too much this is a decent actioner.

Dan D (fr) wrote: I actually ended up watching this movie after hearing John "Spider" Salley call it the film that most accurately depicted what it meant to be a professional athlete. While I don't have a reliable point of reference to confirm this opinion, 'North Dallas Forty' presents a stark and unapologetic picture of the life of a pro-football player in the NFL. Nick Notle plays Paul Elliot who is a wide receiver, known for having "the best hands" in football, in the twilight of his career. Hooked on painkillers, weed and alcohol, Elliot goes about his daily life managing pain with a melange of substances. Ultimately, the reality of the game being a business first and a game second catches up with him and challenges the concept of what it truly means to be a team player. The performances in this film are exceptional and humor crops up unexpectedly from scene to scene. 'North Dallas Forty' will have you rooting for the fictional North Dallas Bulls before the movie's end.

Kaushik G (us) wrote: By Playing an Indigent Poet, Guru Dutt has Portrayed what Man Basically need to live , with Unique Dialogues, Nagme and Amiable Waheeda rehman, this Movie Indeed is master Piece and required lot of Patience to Comprehend.

Robyn M (au) wrote: `Yankee Doodle Dandy' makes the viewer say, `They don't make them like that anymore.' The film is uplifting for its espousal of unabashed patriotism and its representation of America as a place in which a gifted performer like George M. Cohan could rise from vaudeville to Broadway. It is also moving for its reverence for the nineteenth late century theater and early twentieth century Broadway: the sequence showing Cohan's successes of the 1920's commemorate the other musical and non musical hits of the decade as much as Cohan's. I was moved to tears by the ending showing the elderly Cohan joining in a World War II parade, a group of soldiers marching to `Over There' and being asked why he isn't singing, `Hey old-timer, don't you know this song?' `Yankee Doodle Dandy' is a celebration of Cohan's life and career -- a little sanitized perhaps, but still portraying his love for his family, his profession and his country.

Richard W (fr) wrote: The ultimate L&H movie...Go on my sons!!!!!!!!!

Nicholas L (kr) wrote: Up isn't just the best animated story but it is one of the greatest films of all time. Backed by a lush and heartbreaking score and one of the most powerful art forms of a prelude, the story touches upon the beautiful and terrifying life themes of love, romance, adventure, violence, death, and family all in one rousing piece of cinema.