The Evil of Frankenstein

The Evil of Frankenstein

Once hounded from his castle by outraged villagers for creating a monstrous living being, Baron Frankenstein returns to Karlstaad. High in the mountains they stumble on the body of the creature, perfectly preserved in the ice. He is brought back to life with the help of the hypnotist Zoltan who now controls the creature. Can Frankenstein break Zoltan's hypnotic spell that incites the monster to commit these horrific murders or will Zoltan induce the creature to destroy its creator?

Baron Frankenstein and his assistant Hans arrive at his family castle near Karlstaad in order to continue his experiments of making life. His research is almost success, except for the need of mesmerize, which can be done by Zoltan. Zoltan successfully animates it and sends the monster to the town to steal and destroy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric A (it) wrote: Belated sequel enhances the violence level but doesn't expand much on the story or any of the characters. Well made, though, with lots of solid moments.

Mona M (mx) wrote: Passed or lost? Matters should be given up and picked up under social changes. The story consisted of actors and non-actors. We might recognize who were actors and who were not from their performances. However, there was contradiction between the real and unreal, truth and fact. There were big differences in the lives and visions between the three generations in the story. We could find out these differences in their live descriptions, their views of love and how they treat their families. Still shots were used for many times to let the audience to gaze at the actor??s facial expressions, their actions, dresses and also the backgrounds behind. The actors stared at the audience and it seems they were rethinking their past, leaving their busy life and looking forward to the future (which they couldn??t change and what they could only do is to experience). ??No one has done anything wrong, including the staff and the head. We faced retrenchment and our workplaces were dismantled. But no one has done anything wrong and the only thing to blame is the social changes,?? one of the workers interviewed on the bus said with unwillingness. The fact was social developments existed naturally, but what was the truth? Did the film reflect this completely? There was a part added in the middle of the film, in which there was a young girl playing a roller in the garret. It represented a free and unconstraint life. There was a big contrast in the 60??s industrialized life, in which people worked very hard by laboring. Living form hands to mouths, they could hardly eke out their livelihood. Contrary, the younger generations who were born in the 80??s worked for their visions and dreams. There was a road flyover with heavy traffic representing the new aged society, it was non-stop and was kept developing. Space is not only a witness of history, but also a witness of humanity. History might be dazed by people, but they couldn??t hide the real emotion. Nana said, ??I can do it because I??m a worker??s daughter.?? Although there was a big gap between the generations, the sprit of the workers (strong, tough and never-give-up) would be passed from generation to generation.

Sara C (nl) wrote: hmm i actually liked it

CJ C (jp) wrote: The cadaver tank was the star of the movie.

Damodar G (br) wrote: We Wish U All The Joys,UR Heart Can Hold All The Smile,A Day Can Bring All The Blessing,Life Can U Fold.. !! (-:)( H A P P Y )( B I R T H )( D A Y )(

Michael A (ag) wrote: Tv's MASH Alan Alda wrote..directed and stars in this boring romantic comedy about a American history professor who's life is turned upside down when a film crew arrives in his town to make a moviie based on a book he wrote...NOTHING rings true in this movie and it's all very carbon copy by the numbers.

cli o (au) wrote: no thanks not my thing

Wes S (de) wrote: The film is so goofy that it gets rather enjoyable. The plot is weak, and the characters are laughably bad. The editing is awful, and much of the film drags on too slowly, but the cheesiness makes up for it. I would prefer to watch in on MST3K however.

John M (nl) wrote: Kurosawa knows how to implement classic samurai action with morality themes that feel like a David Mamet play which makes them all the more unique. This is also quite hilarious and engaging at the same time. A genre flick that doesn't really get old.

Jack G (ca) wrote: funny, actually funny