The Evil Woods

The Evil Woods

Five high school teens take an impromptu weekend camping trip to a notorious desolate party spot.

A group of teenagers take a weekend camping trip to party, have fun and relax. After pitching tent in a desolate area, they become panicked when a stranger startles them and warns of the killer ghost in the woods. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nandita A (es) wrote: Fairplay....below expectation...not soooo bad bt not good also

Cem Regi Pixelmannen (ca) wrote: I didn't like this as much as I thought I would do...but it's still a kinda funny movie

Nicole P (au) wrote: it was a funny movie. it was a good movie.

Molly A (gb) wrote: this is funny enough to watch all the way through and make fun of.

Mike W (jp) wrote: Air bud is one talented playing basketball player.

Michael L (ag) wrote: First time I've seen this since about 1989 - it really holds up. Good story, solid performances, and baseball.

cody r (de) wrote: i heard this film was really good so i checked it out and it was pretty lame the only good thing is the gore the acting is terrible so is the plot 4\10

Matt K (au) wrote: A beautiful film. Everything about this film shows a master at work. The acting is impeccable, the cinematography constantly stunning, and the dialog says so much without being obvious or corny. This movie is really a time capsule of Japanese culture in 1958. It's fascinating to watch.

Patrick W (nl) wrote: Despite being made 3 years after the first one, the story begins literally within minutes of the end of the first film. Laurie is rushed to the hospital and Michael finds her and stalks her around the building. Definitely doesn't have the same "edge" as the first one, but still stands on its own 2 feet as a continuation of the first film. Still enjoyable and the writers seem to have a good time coming up with new ways of how Michael dispatches his victims. If you liked the first one, watch this one too as it should also be enjoyable for you.

Shok K (jp) wrote: Incredibly stunning with great art, acting ??, settings with a beautiful soundtrack.