The Exhibitionists

The Exhibitionists

Follow filmmaker Walter Todd over 36 deadly hours as he exploits his closest friends and family during a New Year's Eve party, exposing their darkest secrets and sexual perversions. The Exhibitionists is a pulpy exploration of the tipping point between documentary and pornography.

Follow filmmaker Walter Todd over 36 deadly hours as he exploits his closest friends and family during a New Year's Eve party| exposing their darkest secrets and
sexual perversions. The Exhibitionists is a pulpy exploration of the tipping point between documentary and pornography. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Koushik S (ag) wrote: lives upto its name , if you take your partner to this movie , she may dump you at the end of it ....

Arseniy V (it) wrote: Points for originality and stuff for sure, but ultimately this meandered too much for me. I.e. If there's a clear objective here, it went over my head.

Phil H (au) wrote: So the canon franchise continues still with this new entry into a now completely overdone idea. Again this is yet another prequel and digs around with what happened right after 'Toulon' committed suicide. We still have the continuity problem as this film is set in 1939 yet previous films were set in the early 1940's and 'Toulon' was alive. So Band is still ignoring this it seems.So this film has a young boy getting a hold of the puppets right after 'Toulon' killed himself. From there on the plot revolves around the war effort and how this young boy must stop some Nazi's and a Japanese woman from destroying a US bomb manufacturing plant, of course the puppets assist.This is easily one of the dullest films in the series and has hardly any puppet action until the very final showdown and then its pretty poor really. The film looks quite good with decent costumes and some reasonable sets but its just boring, not scary and not very interesting.I really can't understand how Band can continue making these films as he is just rehashing the same stuff over and over, how many prequels can you do?!. I'm not really sure what these films are now, certainly not horror. Nothing new here accept one ninja puppet.

Matthew M (br) wrote: It's a pretty awful movie, i didn't expect it to be good, but there are just so many contrived coincidences for this movie to redeem itself, the first thing i noticed was the female lead putting her cell phone in a car holder, then she gets in a car accident and gets knocked out, the cell phone goes flying and lands somewhere not in her pocket, she is then abducted and wakes up to her cell phone ringing inside her pocket, the heroes then lose a map that's suppose to lead to a golden city, but guess who found the map? some woman who knew the hero when he was younger, they then do kung fu fighting for the map, after the hero wins the map, apparently the girl secretly made copies of the map and gave it to the residents of the city, except apparently for the map to actually be useful, you have to hold it upside down so you can see a skull, how none of the hundreds of other citizens didn't notice will be a mystery for the ages, later on the hero meets the eagle of the desert, they fight because the hero cheated in a coin tossing match a long time ago, then the woman who had the map starts fighting the desert eagle because she loves the hero, but the desert eagle loves her, and accidentally stabs her, they then walk away together holding eachother, then they get in the temple and nothing happens except a kung fu fight scene and we find out that one of them is actually samuel L. jackson from deep blue sea, aka he ate his former comrades, the movie ends with the heroine writing a new book while the hero continues to do something in the desert

Steve B (ca) wrote: So the moral of this story is if I stalk someone I like for long enough, they'll end up falling in love with me? I found this movie a bit odd and the characters generally annoying. The lead character is very hot though.

Heather M (br) wrote: A little slow, a little quiet, but I like the idea of this movie. A couple of the stories in the room are sad or disturbing, but a couple are just adorable. I like that the happier stories are at the beginning and the ending of the movie.

Jim H (br) wrote: Well-acted, but the script struggles to hold the attentions of the actors, much less the audience.

Erin D (ca) wrote: I think this movie is really sweet, and I love the final scenes. Not that I'm particularly drawn to either lead, but there was so much there to love. GREAT supporting cast.

Solimar G (us) wrote: Super romntica. El persona es real vivi para la poca del Renacimiento. Se basa en el libro "The Honest Cortesan".

Brian H (mx) wrote: There was nothing good that I could remember. I was deployed for 6 months in the gulf without much to do, saw this once and never again. I was never that bored to watch it twice.

Peter C (gb) wrote: You slag rabies...never get out never get out... theres a few quid here for some fags and some booze...wally,WALLY

Jeff Z (mx) wrote: A entertaining but completely unrealistic scifi film that's way more fi than sci. Marshall Thompson plays the sole survivior of the first Mars expedition who is immediately accused of murdering the other members of his expedition when being brought back to earth by the second Mars expedition. Instead they discover its the work of a Martian vampire--an alien that drains all the blood and fluids from a human's body. How this creature survived before humans showed up is not explained. The astronauts fight the monster on board ship using guns and grenades with no worries about blowing any holes in their ship. They smoke in the spaceship and don't seem to know there's no gravity in outer space. All this adds up to a pretty ridiculous film that's fun to watch if you're in just the right mood.