The Experience

The Experience

A boy works for a photographer and falls in love with an upper class girl.

A boy works for a photographer and falls in love with a upper class girl. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Henry K (mx) wrote: Seve The Movie is a noteworthy biopic that not only enthralls it's audience with a unique and enticing true story, but also acts as a watershed in the golf-oriented sports film industry. Seve Ballesteros, hailing from the sandy beaches of his childhood home in Spain, rises to golfing fame through a number of acts testing his skill, luck, and endless determination. Seve won over 70 tournaments worldwide and five majors, cementing his spot in history as a legend of the game. His rise to glory wasn't an easy one, though, and throughout the film it becomes apparent that his success was not handed to him, rather earned through endless hours on the green. If all else, Seve The Movie will have you leaving the theater excited to begin your own personal pursuit.

Dawson B (ca) wrote: This movie isn't very challenging or novel, but it's harmless. Kids will enjoy it and parents will be relieved that this isn't nearly as annoying as some other family entertainment options.

Dylan D (us) wrote: A borderline great film for 80-some minutes, Righteous Kill falls apart in its final sequence, sacrificing the film's superb character development in favor of a shock ending that neither elevates the quality of the story nor builds on the themes so carefully crafted throughout most of the movie. It's a shame, really, because Righteous Kill proves a righteously good movie until it stabs itself in its own back in the end. Oh well. There's still Heat.

Jenn M (jp) wrote: Kinda lame, even my daughter thought it was boring :(

Oscar D (br) wrote: Thoroughly enjoyable and charming comedy playing with racial and social stereotypes

Graham M (fr) wrote: As a horror film, this borders on zero stars. As an unintentional comedy, it at very least gets a silver award for nonsensical plotting, terrible special effects (the sleepwalkers look more like hippos than cats IMO) and laughable action scenes.

Colin F (kr) wrote: Disappointing sequel, it could never really of been as good as the first film but it does not even come close. To enjoy this film its best not really to think about it as the plot has more holes than a bag of hoola hoops! It such a bloody terrible script and in most scenes you think why! Why has Dr Phibes taken his organ to Egypt with him and how on earth did he get it into the middle of a mountain! Maybe am thinking about it too much! On the plus side there are some positives, its great seeing Vincent price as Dr Phibes again and he does come up with some good dodgy murders, the most bizarre the one with the scorpions, Robert Quarry is good as his advisory Beiderbecke and like the first film it??s made to a very high standard of production. It??s just a shame the story was so lousy, a bit of a wasted opportunity and probably why they did not go for a third film. Still worth a watch.

Zoran S (nl) wrote: This is a fascinating and highly unusual film. It is indeed one of the oddest studio films made in the 1960s. I am not sure how really to describe it. A road-movie variant of Orson Welles's The Trial? (The tone of much of the film reminds me of Kafka.) An American version of Godard's Alphaville? However it should be described, it's a fascinating film.

Quintin D (jp) wrote: Qu es eso?.. No hay ni perros ni andaluces...

David R (au) wrote: well worth the watch