The Exterminating Angels

The Exterminating Angels

François, a French director, is conducting a rather unorthodox casting. He tries to understand how women desire and especially how they get pleasure. But by getting too close to their fire, he hasn’t sensed the Angels coming.

A filmmaker (van den Driessche) holds a series of boundary-pushing auditions for his project about female pleasure. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Henry O (gb) wrote: A cute, heartwarming love story with plenty of heart, backed with a hilarious performance by Tony Shalhoub that makes for a very enjoyable time.

Marta R (it) wrote: Did not hold my attention until the last 15 minutes....

Xinrui C (it) wrote: Highly stylized and very entertaining. Takashi Miike succeeds yet again.

Andrew K (ru) wrote: one, if not the, most important film i've ever seen. this, ironically, black-and-white documentary examines the continuous spectrum of ideology, motivation, purpose, and emotion surrounding abortion in a complete, evenhanded appeal. the viewer is left with an important collection of questions: where is there a value of difference in killing a fetus and a doctor? to what extent do we, as fellow human beings, respect and value the beautiful soul of a human being, across any development time-frame, age, location, and situations? the answers are rarely black-and-white.

Jamie I (br) wrote: Jeremy Piven makes a great illusionist though the movie doesn't focus on that one bit. I could recommend this movie for the five minutes Jason Bateman graces the screen. Hairy eyeball included. I could recommend this movie for good cop Ryan Reynolds. Or just for Ryan Reynolds. I wouldn't recommend this movie for the 30+ minutes of excessive graphic violence. The twist revealed about 45 - 30 minutes from the ending did come as a bit of a surprise. When I reflected upon it however it seemed fairly obvious. There were two maybe three laugh out loud moments but I think in the end it can be classified as action or drama and not comedy. Though not the day, Ryan Reynolds does manage to save the film giving the redeeming ending it so needed. I cannot say whether I recommend this or not. Take what I've written above and make your own decision.

Mohammed A (es) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Ken S (jp) wrote: Funny and a great message. Probably one of my favorite LDS movies.

Wendy C (ag) wrote: Just seen it accidentally one mid-night, and I could not tear my eyes off this film! Both the leading actor/actress acted so naturally, sentimentally and tenderly. Just like watching their real daily life.

A5J4D X (gb) wrote: 7/10 - An enjoyable ride to say the least.

Jackie B (jp) wrote: Brilliant movie. L.A. Noir. References the infamous Black Dahlia murder. Duvall. De Niro. Charles Durning is brilliant in this and still kickin' it old style! Can any Angeleno resist this? Yow! The book is also good. The movie is at least as good...maybe more so.

Denis M (ca) wrote: I really want to get it but not pay for it but it is the best film ever

Anthony T (br) wrote: It was a pretty good movie, but it really just felt like I was watching the doctor who episode, Water on Mars, but with not nearly as good as an ending.It's nothing special, but I do recommend it to sci-fi horror fans.

Bonnie S (gb) wrote: Have watched this movie at least 6 times - several with my daughter. I am 63; she is 34 and we would watch it again - and again. Every time it comes on TV we call each other to make sure neither of us miss it! It's fun!