The Eye

The Eye

Violinist Sydney Wells was accidentally blinded by her sister Helen when she was five years old. She submits to a cornea transplantation, and while recovering from the operation, she realizes that she is seeing dead people.

The violinist Sydney Wells has been blind since she was five years old due to an accident. She submits to a surgery of cornea transplantation to recover her vision, and while recovering from the operation, she realizes that she's having strange visions. With the support of Dr. Paul Faulkner, Sidney finds who the donor of her eyes and begins a journey to find out the truth behind her visions. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jaden K (br) wrote: The ending was overly convienient, and I didn't like the change in character design. Like all Dreamworks films the CGI is good, but not amazing. Watch it if you like animation, or with your kids. It's a fun dumb children's spy movie.

Breesa B (de) wrote: The preview looks funny but the actual movie is not.

Sean O (kr) wrote: Meh. Enjoyed it thoroughly at the start but then felt it got a bit overly cheesy towards the end (why does every single one of these movies require a speech in front of an audience of spectators about how much you love the person that you've split up with in order to get them back?) Honestly, the last half an hour I didn't enjoy at all. Thankfully the early part of the film is very enjoyable.

Dean M (au) wrote: A poor quality political action flick with Wesley Snipes as what I could see the directorial and editorial touch was the use of black and white, which comes out of nowhere and seems completely out of place. It looks terrible!Impossible to be confused with Bruce Lee's fabled final film of the same title, Game of Death is a trumped-up and misleading description of Snipes's shuffle as killing machine Marcus. Confessing to a powerless priest (Ernie Hudson), Marcus flashes us back to a mission which delivers double-cross, courtesy of some treacherous dude and New Zealand stunt woman Zo Bell. Snipes mechanically kicks and shots, as does ring-in Giorgio Serafini.The entire hospital seems oblivious to the gun fight going on around them, but nothing feels like it really fit. I only enjoy some of Snipes's action and fight scenes and Gary Daniels and Bell are average as the villains. I see Bell makes a super scary serious face, but it comes out ridiculous. The acting is poor and worst.

Dave R (ca) wrote: It was funny movie I got a few laughs out of it but still dumb as well but made me laugh so it works I guess

Byron B (de) wrote: nominated for best foreign film at the oscars

Hafidha A (fr) wrote: In my top five list of favorite films. This is, quite frankly, one of the most "perfect" films I've ever seen. It's just incredible without ever being over the top or cloying. I own it on VHS, but need to upgrade to DVD so that I can watch it again.

Pig B (ru) wrote: I really hate it when people decide to review movies that they didn't even finish viewing, neglecting to give the film its fair chance before digesting and regurgitating a thoughtful response. That being said I only watched about 35 minutes of this. It's pretty amazing because all this movie really needed to be good was some nice concert footage of Richard Hell performing with the Voidoids, which would take up most of the film. Ulli Lommel is such a maverick of bad blocking and direction that he couldn't even do that right. And this dude was a buddy of Fassbinder, he could have at least aped his style to make it slightly watchable/marginally interesting. However, to the film's credit, it can now be considered a collector's item in some cases. I keep my copy in the trash, for safe keeping.

Timothy M (nl) wrote: Another underrated gem from Aldrich, with a stellar cast. This is a bit less exploratory and meaty as Aldrich's other stuff, but it's nonetheless highly entertaining from start to finish. The climax, in particular, is magnificent - Caine and Robertson making their mad dash for freedom in long shots, so that they're indistinguishable, while we get choice closeups of the pursuing Japanese, and the complacent observer in Harry Andrews. Great stuff. Ken Takakura is really terrific, but the best performance for me came from Denholm Elliot, who is ultimately cast against type to some degree.

Hunter W (ca) wrote: It's whats started the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but its rarely been passed any of its successors. Funny, sleek and featuring (at the time) the standout performance of Robert Downey Jr., Iron Man is simply terrific.

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William O (es) wrote: "What's a matter wit chu?"- Charlie/Johnny Boy