The Eye of the Needle

The Eye of the Needle


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Bill C (it) wrote: The simple glimpse into his life was interesting enough for this man who wrote "Lean on Me", "Ain't No Sunshine", "Use Me" and many more. I really did not remember who Bill Withers was and watched this movie on a recommendation/lark, but after watching it I will never forget him. Like his songs his words are eloquent in their simplicity. Unlike many musicians Bill is educated and had lived a full life before taking-up music a 32 Yrs old. From his musical beginnings to dropping out of the scene to raise his children he was unwavering in focus and would not let the music industry define him and his music.

tim s (us) wrote: This is a really unique film - the structure is awesome and I learned a lot while being entertained.

Minna S (gb) wrote: Interesting but feels like it takes hours to get to the end. Could have been better if it had been shorter.

Manuel G (us) wrote: Interesante pelcula. Se muestra con crudeza y realismo la guerra sucia que mantuvo el gobierno socialista espaol contra la ETA en los aos 80' Quien vigila a los vigilantes?

Jayden C (gb) wrote: not interested at all

Elise M (gb) wrote: Never judge a zombie movie by its cover.

Wolf M (de) wrote: This is the one that got away from Horror fans. Horror fans expected a scary, bloody and gory movie. Instead they got drama and a deep movie with more layers than an onion.In my eyes, this movie is about a woman dealing with death and depression. The way this is portrayed in the movie has been masterfully directed and incredibly acted. The movie sets the bar for psychological dramas with a horror twist. The way the illness taking over the mother was very creative however, a lot of horror/gore fans did not understand the underlying message.No good for horror fans. Incredible for everyone else. An almost perfect movie.