The Eyes of Tammy Faye

The Eyes of Tammy Faye

A documentary look, mostly through the eyes of Tammy Faye Bakker Messner, at her rise and fall as a popular televangelist with husband Jim Bakker.

A documentary look, mostly through the eyes of Tammy Faye Bakker Messner, at her rise and fall as a popular televangelist with husband Jim Bakker. Traces their rise: her teen marriage to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aly D (ru) wrote: Crazy the journeys people go through who's to say what's normal but us

Elia N (ru) wrote: If you girls really like prom nights , graduations ,highschool ...etc check it out! As for you guys still can watch it because it is not annoying at all.Well ,I watched it because Josh Holloway was in the cast :) Although he always reminds me of Sawyer (if you have watched Lost you know what I mean!),this was like a sweet version of him!!!

Josh W (it) wrote: a must see documentary!

Jerry F (ag) wrote: Not a good film at all. The complete movie takes place in a park. Slow moving and boring. If you manage to stay awake to the finish, it's also a very bad ending, left confusing and open ended. Very disappointing. Give this film a miss.

Hugh J (nl) wrote: Jason Mewes and Lindsey McKeon...fucking awesome. I hope I can see all of these independent flicks Jason Mewes has been doing.

Soni K (kr) wrote: Sex definitely changes you!So I FINALLY got to see Zerophilia (after having ordered it from Amazon), and I tell you it was a gem! For those who haven't yet seen it, then do so ASAP - for those who hv, you know what I'm talking about.It was cute and funny. Okay not over the top like some Hollywood productions, but it had that uniqueness of an "Indy" (independent film) feel to it.I found myself chuckling and L-ing O L at some parts, and feeling the main character's (Luke's) frustration on the whole gender switching ordeal.And of course, I found myself asking the question(s), what would it be like to gender switch on a whim? (although in the film there was more "manipulation" required ;) than just a whim).And then, what gender would I ultimately choose to be?And of course, Kyle Schmid (as Max) and the great "reveal" in the shower scene! <-- That really got me! I literally said out loud (but to myself): "Wow, I didn't see that coming!"And then things just fell into place.I'm so glad I discovered this film (and of course if not having become a fan of Kyle since seeing him in "Blood Ties", I may have NEVER known about it.)Zerophilia is a definite must see!!

Manya M (au) wrote: Slow paced, yet funny and enjoyable, Broken Flowers is definitely worth the watch, especially if you enjoy Jim Jarmusch's style.

Al G (kr) wrote: First and I feel best Paul Anderson film.

Rachel S (de) wrote: I can never tire of this movie.

Tim R (es) wrote: One of the most realistic portrayals of the post-apocalypse one is likely to ever see. The next-to-nothing budget only adds to the reality of two teenagers wandering lost in a human landscape on the verge of extinction. If you're a sci/fi fan, seek it out.

Ken S (gb) wrote: Far from my favorite musical, but still fun. The Coen's borrowed from this liberally for The Hudsucker Proxy.

WD40Wolverine (ru) wrote: Definitely worth a watch.

Jason S (ag) wrote: its pretty good movie

gerardo r (fr) wrote: This film is very much a product of its culture. It does not resemble a typical film, but is simply trying to poke fun at themes predominant in the time period. The plot is as thin as it can be. Philo is a trucker who likes to fight in street fights with others willing to place a bet on the results. He falls for a lady singer who soon disappears. He chases her from California to Colorado to rescue her from her abusive boyfriend. The film is slow paced and meant to be a non-intellectual film to pass the time. Eastwood displays his characteristic macho character with a soft spot for the ladies. His bad ass attitude and fighting sequences drive the testosterone into the film. The humor is many times silly and other times low brow. The humor includes a cantankerous old lady playing Ma who cannot get a drivers license, an orangutan who needs his beer, wannabe motorcyclist gang, humiliated police officers. As a slow moody film, it is worth a watch for the cultural aspects as a late 1970's country western genre. The humor might still appeal to some, but most would either appreciate it as a piece of americana or fail to empathize with this piece of the past. The scenarios and humor are exaggerated and sometimes work as humor or "what just happened" moments, but Eastwood's performance is the glue holding it together.

Tim R (de) wrote: it was good, but i didnt like the fact that the "Good" German dies

Carlos M (gb) wrote: Solondz is extremely arrogant to think that only he knows what "real art" is, proving only the opposite with this mediocre film that is artificial as a bad theater play and so tonally awful that it feels way too bleak for a comedy, no matter how dark it is supposed to be.