The F.J. Holden

The F.J. Holden

Bankstown, NSW, Australia, 1970s. Kevin and his mate Bob spend their time drinking and cruising around the western suburbs of Sydney in Kevin's yellow FJ Holden, looking for girls. One day ...

Bankstown, NSW, Australia, 1970s. Kevin and his mate Bob spend their time drinking and cruising around the western suburbs of Sydney in Kevin's yellow FJ Holden, looking for girls. One day ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brad S (nl) wrote: This is an excellent film based on the true story of the worst oil spill in American history. Peter Berg does a tremendous job with his direction creating a lot of suspense and action, but also handling the more human and smaller moments really well. Mark Wahlberg is good as usual and it was great seeing Kurt Russell in a strong role again and he nails it. This is a very exciting and tense movie, highly recommended!

p b (gb) wrote: No, not my kind of movie - it's awful

ScubaSteve Walter M (mx) wrote: If there was a perfect film that will illustrate the corruption of media, this is it!

Johnny B (kr) wrote: I think this movie is meant for people who have experience what it portrays firsthand. All I saw was a bunch of spoiled rich brats and over-all uninteresting people sitting around and talking. Which, admittedly, I think was the point.

Michael L (ru) wrote: Diane Lane is one of my favorite actresses. Simply because she began in an era of the 80s that I loved, and as she matured, her acting never soured. Diane was catching Hollywood by storm at the age of 14, commanding a strong lead in "A Little Romance", and gracing the cover of TIME magazine. She would make an even bigger name for herself as time went on. But "Stains" is a great reference point because it captures her new wave/punk rock involvement at the time. This, and "Streets of Fire" are the two strongest representatives of that era in Diane's career. The movie itself is another rock and roll rise-and-fall movie about a band. There are some cliches thrown in about overnight success. (It's almost literal in this story.) And the music is acquired taste for most. (I liked it, but I can't promise that you will.)Nonetheless, it's a good nostalgia trip back to the punk rock 1980s. Appropriately enough, they recruited former Sex Pistols alumni Steve Jones and Paul Cook, and former Clash bassist Paul Simonon to have feature roles in this one. Lead singer of The Tubes, Fee Waybill, is also in this film and is fantastic. Be sure to watch out for Brent "I was Data in Star Trek TNG" Spiner, Christine Lahti, and a young Laura Dern.It's not for everyone. But it's a pretty good film.

Matthew A (gb) wrote: It looks like a good movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thomas D (us) wrote: The Voyage Home may very well be the goofiest, most incoherent, and outright strangest of the original series. But it's also funny, re-watchable, and probably the most entertaining. As weird as the film can get, thanks to a wonderful score, gorgeous cinematography, and a step back into the TV format, it's one of my favorites of any of the Trek films.The Voyage Home centers on the the Enterprise's hopes of finding something to communicate with a dangerous probe that wants to destroy the earth. The only possible way to communicate with the probe is to travel back in time to the late 20th century and bring Humpback Whales to the probe. Yes, that is the real premise.As a whole, it's a fun ride. Not only do we get to see the crew of the Enterprise go somewhere other than the seats of the ship, but it's the only Trek film that could be considered a comedy. Watching the crew attempt to fit in with 1980's San Francisco is good TV for sure. And that's what this film essentially is. It doesn't really fit into the film series at all, and it may have been better served as an extended episode. In fact, the only real link to Search For Spock is just the fact that Spock still hasn't fully adapted to being a member of the Enterprise as his memory is still weary.Ironically, it out-grossed all of the other Trek films leading up to it by far. It's domestic gross was the highest for the franchise up until 2009's Star Trek, so it's safe to say it was an crowd-pleaser. Perhaps it's success had to do with this film focusing less on overdone special effects and over the top villains and more so on a story people could get behind and humanized characters. As goofy as Catherine Hicks' Gillian character can get, I think she resonated with the audience.With all that said, the film is pretty nuts. The idea that the crew could just walk around San Francisco, in and out of hospitals and restaurants and not be captured by police at any time seemed a bit far fetched. Sometimes the reach for comedy was definitely felt and sadly there aren't any great "sci-fi moments" like the others have. But I think everybody can have some fun with this one. If nothing else, perhaps you can do something to help whales next time you come across one.+Has its funny moments+Goofy fun+Cinematography+Score-Stupid and incoherent moments-Why is a Trek film focusing on whales anyway?7.2/10

RajanSatish P (ag) wrote: The theme is quite disturbing the screenplay is very powerful and the acting is very efficient .A must watch

Shawn W (us) wrote: Western has a woman changing allegiances as she plays various men in order to attain a fortune. Always a treat to watch Van Cleef but never got pulled in by the double-crossing plot. Featured several daring missions and unlikely escapes, which kind of reminded of a Western-era A-Team.

Jonathan D (mx) wrote: Benicio del Toro. Cool name eh.

Eric P (es) wrote: Like what I expected, the new 1st act sucked but the actual Killing Joke story was very good. Although sadly and this pains me to say I think Mark Hamill is getting too old for the role. His voice sounds very raspy and he doesn't seem to be able to fully do the laugh anymore. We can argue gender politics and whatnot but I think the real issue with that Batgirl story stitched onto the beginning's real problem is that thematically it doesn't match the rest of the film's themes or story. Also if you're going to try and give Barbara more to do so she seems less like a plot device why not do it with Commissioner Gordon as well? I mean he's just as much of a non-character despite the plot focusing so much on him and whether or not he cracks. The line when he's recused should have been a moment to cheer but it doesn't feel as significant as it should. Just my two cents.