The Fabulous Story of Cuban Cigar

The Fabulous Story of Cuban Cigar


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  • Uploader:KimHoaNg
  • Country:USA
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The Fabulous Story of Cuban Cigar torrent reviews

Jeffrey F (nl) wrote: Awesome! Best rockumentary ever! A must see and a must own for any true RUSH fan!

Curtis B (nl) wrote: Despite dragging on in a few parts, a super entertaining movie for fans of the Prof. Layton games... well more specifically, fans of the stories, characters, and dialogue. It's the best movie based on a video game... mainly by default.

Jennifer R (ru) wrote: Another movie that made me cry.

Ronny O (de) wrote: For me this is a classic. Same genre as Natural Born Killers/Pulp Fiction, but with a much smaller budget it seems. Anyway, this is a movie that makes me smile, so it can't be bad!!

Justin B (ag) wrote: Quite a surprise. It feels a little aimless and drawn out towards the end but otherwise it's an effectively disturbing low budget gem

Ekaterina P (ca) wrote: the best antidepressant

Jay B (gb) wrote: A great 70's biker flick that grabs your attention from the off with some funky music and a bunch of bikes! lolThe characters, whilst not fleshed out too much, are sincere in their portrayal and you do kind of warm to them, even if you don't really care what happens to them during the course of the film.We have drug taking, biking, and then the 'horror'! haha well, I do use that sparingly. The werewolves almost seem like an after thought as they don't really add anything to the film. They could have gotten away with just having the occult aspect going on and some strange 'force' doing the terrible things and just having them having acid trips. It's well documented that shit happens when you trip and it would have been a better film imo.The twist (no spoilers) is okay. It works and brings the film to a close.All in all a good occultism, biker film that has grown in cult-ness over the years.

Leigh W (mx) wrote: Ill laid out..pretty superficial zero substance...

Nate T (gb) wrote: Slow but interesting slice of life film. On Blu-ray.

Cosmin I (br) wrote: A one time watch...with some decent shocks

Matt C (ru) wrote: I've been trying to persuade Felix to watch this for months so it was odd then to finally sit down and watch it to be a little underwhelmed. It's fine but it's really not as great as I remembered. Donkey aside the jokes fall mostly flat and it really lacks any charm at all. There;s one or two lines which really aren't appropriate as well. I know that makes me sound old, well I am. Felix only mildly enjoyed it as well to be honest, nowhere near some of the films we've watched recently. I won't be bothering with the bazillion sequels.

Antonio T (fr) wrote: I hate this movie some much