The Face You Deserve

The Face You Deserve

Francisco, behave! I Know it's your birthday, you are thirty now, it's carnival, you've dressed as a cowboy for the school party and you are surrounded by kids you hate. But that's no reason to be so annoying... Francisco, repeat after me: "Up to your 30s you have the face God has given you. After that, you get the face you deserve".

Francisco, behave! I Know it's your birthday, you are thirty now, it's carnival, you've dressed as a cowboy for the school party and you are surrounded by kids you hate. But that's no ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Saad N (br) wrote: Oh my, oh my! What a cinematic gem it is.

Mike N (ag) wrote: sometimes corny and predictably predictable but i dident mind cuz overall its entertaining,funny,and a nice story.

Nicholas L (jp) wrote: "Bandidas" is an over the top western which has likable leads and some funny moments. It does not take itself too seriously, embracing its silliness, and that is part of its charm. Unfortunately, it does not step up to be something truly special.

Kyle L (ca) wrote: Hellraiser Hellseeker is another solid Direct To DVD Sequel that delivers a lot of goodies as much as its predecessor. The plot of this film is about Trevor who wakes up in a car accident and has no memory of the events that happened to him and his wife Kirsty Cotton. When Trevor starts having strange moments in his life he starts to solve all of the clues on what's wrong with him and what's going on in his own life and he also finds himself being stalked by Pinhead and it is up to Trevor to find his wife and learn what is happening to his own life. To be honest I did enjoy this film as much as I enjoyed watching Hellraiser Inferno. Although I didn't find this to be as good as its predecessor due to a couple of flaws but I still enjoyed watching this movie. What's great about Hellraiser Hellseeker is that the whole film managed to have Kirsty Cotton(who was in the first two Hellraiser films)back in this sequel and its great enough to see Ashley Lawrence return to the Hellraiser series after having a short cameo in Hellraiser III and has been absent in the next two Hellraiser movies and its nice to see her back again in this Hellraiser sequel along with Pinhead and his Cenobites and I like seeing the character of Kirsty Cotton return overall in this Hellraiser film. The other things I like about Hellraiser Hellseeker is that the whole film is full of creepy and scary moments and I totally enjoy the decent suspense used in this movie and most of these moments are well effective and totally impressive at the same time and I overall enjoyed the creepy moments in this film a lot. I also enjoy the make up of Pinhead and his Cenobites in this film and the Cenobites look much more better in this Hellraiser film and each Cenobite looks fantastic and creepy at the same time even Pinhead looks scary in this film and overall the Cenobites look fantastic in this film. While the last things I like about Hellraiser Hellseeker is that the whole film has lots of twists and turns and I totally enjoy the twists and turns in this film and every twists totally gave me a surprise a lot and those are the last things I like about Hellraiser Hellseeker. Now the movie has a lot of flaws and its obvious to understand them. One of the downsides of this film is that the whole film is hardly atmospheric and lacking in gore effects. The plot and script is confusing and sometimes hard to understand and last but not least the CGI effects of this film is absolutely awful and horrid when comparing to Hellraiser Inferno's wonderful and magnificent CGI. Here the CGI is awful and horrid like the eel coming out of Trevor's mouth. Pinhead coming out of the wall and the detective with two heads are one of the most embarrassing moments in the Hellraiser series and the CGI is awful in this film while Hellraiser Inferno's CGI is far better than this one the movie could have been better overall if it wasn't for the flaws of the film. Now the acting is great Ashley Lawrence did a fantastic job once again as the heroine Kirsty Cotton and she still looks gorgeous, pretty and very cute just like in Hellraiser I and II. Doug Bradley still did a wonderful job with his work as Pinhead as always and the actor who played Trevor did a magnificent job with his work in the film along with the rest of the casts. Director Rick Bota did a good job with his work on this movie and he totally did a fantastic job with his work on this Hellraiser film along with the last two sequels I can't wait for what Rick Bota will do next in the future. Overall Hellraiser Hellseeker gets a 9.6/10 because this film still delivers the goodies of its predecessor but it is nowhere as good as its predecessor due to its flaws and faults. Not the best Hellraiser film but its still a great Hellraiser film.

Charlie G (ru) wrote: A lot of action and funny as well. If you liked the first one you'll like this one. I would watch it again.

Arnold P (kr) wrote: The premise of this story is that upon your death, you stay for one week at a nondescript establishment where sympathetic councillors help you to select ONE outstanding memory from your life. Whatever you chose, (if you decide to chose) will be made into a short film, and you will live within that life-defining memory for all eternity. Many of the after-lifers are non-actors and it is their memories that give an emotional weight to this beautifully realised piece; the elderly lady whose wartime memory of dancing for her brother in her new red dress is beautifully poignant; the man who discovers that he has wasted his life by devotion to a job that he hates, and the teenager who cannot chose between a trip to Disneyland and the smell of her mother. Every once in a while, a movie come along that astonishes and delights, and it is for wonderful movies like this that I cheerfully wade through hundreds of hours of mediocre, derivative dross. This is a life-affirming and deeply humanistic meditation on what it means to live a good life. I absolutely recommend this beautiful, uplifting movie.

Kestutis K (us) wrote: Far less funny than it should be considering the cast involved. There are a few bright spots, like the light grenade gag, but most of the jokes are either cringe-worthy or completely bland. However, it is very, very weird which helps a little.

George W (ru) wrote: Should have been called "Carry on Armageddon" .The "New Wave" of alternative comedy that surfaced in the eighties wasn't alternative. It was a carefully scripted take over by a media savvy generation. First order of business was to discredit all that had passed before as racist and sexist. It then presented itself as a politically correct alternative. This is its take on the absurdity of "Mutually Assured Destruction". There is nothing new here, it fails to even be funny. Its just a tired series of smug sketches all loosely woven around a central and tired plot line.Satire, or any other for of comedy for that must be funny. There isnt a single genuine laugh in this whole smug, self-righteous, leaden polemic. The only alternative here is not to watch it, I wish I hadn't.

Bill B (br) wrote: Just gave this what I believe was a third watch in honor of finally finding a cheap copy to purchase, it still holds up amazingly well. Great film, well worth your time.This was such a great flick, featuring surprisingly good cinematography (for the genre) and use of the city in the backgrounds. Isaac Hayes is terrific in the title role.Nice and sleazy at times, and filled with some nice action sequences.Recommended.

Eduardo G (ca) wrote: Em um dos primeiros filmes da "nova onda" do cinema frances, o personagem de Bob,o jogador nos encanta nao so por seu proprio jeito de agir, mais a fama e moral que possui entre todos a sua volta,ate mesmo entre os policiais. Trilha sonora jazzistica tao "cool" quanto o resto (direcao,fotografia,dialogos,atuacao,etc). Esta obra de Melville ainda e muito imitada em obras de crime modernas, principalmente quanto a caracterizacao de personagens de forte genio e grandes viradas na trama.

Grant S (de) wrote: Has its moments but mostly quite unoriginal and mediocre.A woman, Everly (played by Salma Hayek), is attacked in her apartment by a gang of thugs. She manages to turn the tables on them but a crime boss is determined to make her pay for this, sending wave after wave of assassins. Soon she is not just fighting for her own life, but those of her mother and daughter too...Well, that's what I could ascertain about the plot. It really is all over the place, plot-wise. The storyline, for what there is, seems quite contrived and nonsensical and is really just a device for a series of action scenes.The action scenes aren't that bad, but ultimately it all seems predictable and unoriginal. Like a bad ripoff of a Tarantino movie, if Tarantino didn't believe in plot and character depth.Salma Hayek must have been desperate to do this. Though, maybe on paper it seemed like a good movie... This said, she is about the only reason to watch this movie.

Alex P (mx) wrote: Radnor is better suited on tv where he can be part of a more ensemble cast, too much of his depressed "wish I was younger and in love" shtick can start to bring you down. The story is, however, relatable for anyone who wishes they can do college again.