The Fall

The Fall

"The Fall" depicts certain scenes in New York City between October 1967 and March 1968, shot by the independent filmmaker, Peter Whitehead. It is a very personal documentary, and Whitehead appears in a large number of scenes, and we hear his lengthy ruminations on the state of the United States and the war in Vietnam.

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Kenneth R (fr) wrote: The Critic are harsh movie received 3 stars.

Rs L (fr) wrote: Saw this when it released... it was funny as heck. Satirical, sarcastic & right of the face Hollywood

Shawn M (jp) wrote: This independent film is a nice tale about one boys love for baseball, and his inability to be any good at it. It's got some little laughs in it with a lot of heart. Steve Zahn is always funny, Michelle Lombardo is hot, and the filsm star, Alex Frost, was great as the doe-eyed dreamer.

Rosemarie S (de) wrote: good & real about life & death & cancer...

Evaristo S (gb) wrote: Good movie i've seen about volleyball, enjoyed somehow.Got sport and friendship thing going on.

Tasos L (ca) wrote: A movie about the crimes of communists in the greek civil war.

Zachary A (br) wrote: Hilarious! Love the juxtaposition with casablanca / Humphrey Bogart... And for once woody allen's nervous and hypercondriacal antics did not give me anxiety but several times surprised me and made me laugh out loud!!

holly r (gb) wrote: One of my favorite comedy westerns

Nique T (kr) wrote: The young beautiful Connie (Diahann Carroll) and her friend Lilllian (Joanne Woodward) meet up with jazz/blues musicians Eddie (Sidney Poitier) and Ram Bowen (Paul Newman) while on vacation in 1950s Paris. Both couples embark on quite different relationships but each with its own set of problems. Eddie and Connie take a more leisurely path and get to know each other as they walk around Paris. Eddie finds himself falling for the socially conscious Connie but does not want to leave the freedom of Paris to return to racism in the US in order to be with her. Connie on the other hand tells him that Paris is a place he "escapes to but home is where your roots are." In contrast Lillian and Ram fall into bed the first night. Ram warns her that he is not what she is looking for but she attempts to push past his walls anyway. Seemingly unfazed by his initial rudeness she pursues him and indicates that she is prepared to put up with his BS in order to be with him. Ram lives only for his music and dreams of becoming a serious composer. His detached sometime lover, Marie, owner of the nightclub where his band plays sums him up well in two statements (probably not verbatim but something to this effect). "Do you need me today because you're wonderful or because you're worthless" and "All you need is me or someone like me and your music" However, with Lillian Ram departs from his usual behaviour and actually spends time showing her Paris. It was a bit strange watching a classic black and white film after recent exposure to so many modern action flicks. The pacing felt kind of slow at first and the score was not always a perfect match to the action of the film but after awhile I adjusted and was able to follow the plot.

Michael Y (jp) wrote: Selling one's own soul to the Devil is a story of morality told time and time again. From fabels and books, then came The Devil and Daniel Webster presented as gothic Americana to theatres in Hollywood. Jabez Stone, his wife and his mother live as poor farmers in 19th Century New Hampshire, struggling to pay their dept, but with high hopes that a politician named Daniel Webster will become president and help the farmers. Out of greed and despiration, Stone sells his soul to the Devil to become rich and powerful. Though out of this deal he gains everything he ever dreamed of, you're damn right to think that he's gonna regret it later. This classic Faust tale is an eerie and interesting look on morality and how greed can change a man entirely and loose sight of what is really important in life. Great preformences by the whole cast, my favourites being Simone Simon as Belle and, of coarse, the charming Walter Huston as the Devil. This creepy story is brought to life in no ordinary Hollywood fashion, but as the dark and gothic style that the story is. The enviroment is very dreary and muddy at first, but changes as Stone's greed rises. But the whole movie looks incredable with it's use of hard lights and shadows showing as much light in the scenes as darkness. There are also some very creative effects with lights and smoke that shows an evil and stand out presence, and in the presence of the supernatural the characters become blurry. And to set the mood even better, legendary composer Bernard Herrmann creates an Oscar winning score that sets the gothic mood wonderfully. This classic American film is a great treat for those who love the gothic taste and these supernatural stories about good and evil, morality, temptation and the ultimate clash with the greatest evil of all. The Devil and Daniel Webster is a movie that has all that and a bag of chips. This old movie is still a great movie to watch even after all these years.

Sam S (us) wrote: Originally I thought a modern remake of this classic tale had potential. However, this film alongside Cloverfield just goes to show how little Hollywood can use their imagination to turn this latent potential into something awe-inspiring.

Cande P (nl) wrote: Bastante repetitiva...

Victor M (es) wrote: Maybe my expectative about this film were too great; I couldn't find the story thread.Finally, the cast should be "Mick Jagger AS HIMSELF".

Yousif V (jp) wrote: A whimsically ludicrous treat.

Matthew S (nl) wrote: Rick Avlverson's film gets my vote for best film of the year. Brilliantly conceived and surreally articulated film art.