The Fall of Fujimori

The Fall of Fujimori

President Alberto Fujimori risked everything to win Peru's war on terror, but in doing so became an international fugitive, wanted for corruption, kidnapping and murder.

President Alberto Fujimori risked everything to win Peru's war on terror, but in doing so became an international fugitive, wanted for corruption, kidnapping and murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karsh D (fr) wrote: Awful film. Made no sense and no horror. Truly bad

Yousef S (kr) wrote: Watched this movie with the intent of being a bloody good cannibalistic movie. I don't know much of the cast apart from Stormare, So I seldom have any preconceived associations on the acting. Paul D'Amour certainly brings his Tool influences for the maniacal score that has me sitting put just to hear what's next. As for writer, director Jeff Buhler, all I can say he is one step away of being another Master of Gore.

Kervin S (mx) wrote: This movie's significance is that it documents this incredible true story. But that's also its the problem. Although there was a gross injustice done, there wasn't much drama. The camera work does not stand out, we aren't moved by insightful dialog, nor does anyone grow, or fall in love, etc. But in the end I was happy I learnt of this historic trial.

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Bryan N (mx) wrote: Monsters area bit cheesy, but the acting is good and the story is decent.

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