The Fall of Rock & Roll

The Fall of Rock & Roll

Omnibus film, consisting of three independent parts: in the first story, Koma, a failed rocker, wants to prove to his producer father that newly composed music could be better than his. He ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:106 minutes
  • Release:1989
  • Language:Serbo-Croatian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:party,   ninja,  

Omnibus film, consisting of three independent parts: in the first story, Koma, a failed rocker, wants to prove to his producer father that newly composed music could be better than his. He ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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The Fall of Rock & Roll torrent reviews

Matt B (us) wrote: It's hard to dislike Julianne Moore. The movie is fluff, but enjoyable.

Courtney S (us) wrote: Fantastic account of the movement that helped ended the Vietnam war.

Kieran T (de) wrote: looks interesting and seems to have fuckincidences a plenty, though ive never heard of any of the three so called acclaimed directors. must check it out

Paul A (au) wrote: New tag line: "Never felt like killing yourself? Well, you will." I happened upon this after seeing Rufus Sewell in "Dark City" and I wanted to see what he's been up to. It turns out, not much. There is not much in story and there is not a lot of character development, aside from Jason Patric's character. Although, it's not quite development if you never really know where the character is starting from. Based on true events, I have the feeling this isn't getting a lot of critical acclaim becaue it reads a little too close to life. With people who are unwilling to change and set in their demented ways, it seems as though the film is a passive portrait of depression. I think there is a good concept in there, there are really good performances, but the story is very dull. I think if you have the time and it comes on free on one of your premium cable channels, it might be worth the watch, but don't go renting this one; unless you have the netflix.

miranda p (ru) wrote: State Property sucked so i know this will too

Jami L (ru) wrote: I came across this movie and thought to myself " Wow, Uma Thurman, Juliette Lewis, Gena Rowlands AND it's set in the 80s. I wonder why I haven't seen this. " Then I sat down to watch it, and it became painfully clear why I haven't seen it. It was bad. The story is three woman, a mother and daughter and her best friend, looking for love in all the wrong places. Staple chick flick story, with nothing to offer the watcher, except boredom. I have always loved all three of these actresses. I think they are brilliant and beautiful. But this film was an ugly call. They brought nothing to the table and seemed to flail miserably. I did identify with the characters and even found myself feeling bad for them, but the story was so drab, that my compassion soon went out the window. Plus, the ending was horrible. It left nothing tied up and just seemed to stop. Hysterical Blindness gets one star simply for my respect for these wonderful actresses. It gets another star because I am a sucker for the 80s and I got a kick out of the 80s hair and clothes in this film. That's it. If I had had some paint to watch dry, it might have been more thrilling then this movie...

El T (ru) wrote: A guilty pleasure, and a personal favourite.

Michael G (jp) wrote: Armored Car Robbery is an unimaginative title to a pretty good heist movie. Its full of parts that would trickle down to other heist movies like The Killing all the way down to Heat. Its noirish at times but mostly its a quick and to the point heist picture.

Jamie C (ru) wrote: Good film nice little twist in the end but like Dwayne Johnson, Gerard Butler should be doing action films even though I think he's a top actor.

Sheri S (de) wrote: one of my favorite movies good for the whole family.