The Falls

The Falls

The exploration of the effects of an unexpected catastrophe, known as VUE (violent unknown event) through the bios of 92 survivors.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1980
  • Language:English,Dutch,French,German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:surrealism,   religion,   prayer,  

The planet has been affected by a mysterious occurrence known as the Violent Unknown Event, or V.U.E. It has caused immortality and disability. Victims have learned new and peculiar ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sandra L (nl) wrote: Me esos datos bizarros que uno necesita tener en la cabeza jeje

Roland J (gb) wrote: Huppert r som vanligt bra, men filmen i sig r tmligen medelmttig. Mnga av karaktrerna r rtt karikatyrmssiga och handlingen tappar fart efter ett tag. Fokus ligger i hg grad p berttelsen vilket gr att slutintrycket blir rtt platt, iom frlust av just driv i berttandet.

Timmy H (jp) wrote: eh, but if on TV its worth a watch.

Paul C (au) wrote: I was an extra in this film, so I'm a little bias... But, I have always felt the Tap Dogs were very original a a lot of fun, and the movie shows that well.

Heverton L (us) wrote: Shadowland is an amazing film, one of the best performances of Hopkins.

Adam E (es) wrote: ok so it rips off jurassic park, its dinosaurs are all puppets waved about while people spray blood tubes every where and the plots a load of eco nonscence but its fun. awfully bad fun but fun never the less. the ropey special effects are pretty shoddy but made me chuckle all the way through. The plot is useless. dipping in about eco warriors to dinosaurs should be ruling the world it gets in the way of some cheesey monster action. theres some pretty gross scenes for a 15 movie to. blood sprays, impalements and some awfully sick scences of dino eggs popping out of women and making a mess every where. The scene were a women rips her stomach open to let a dino out has no blood and no good special effect. thats the level we are at here! theres a night of the living dead inspired ending which does not really suit the film at all. if you can forgive the fact that the dino is ment to be a giant but they use a model thats about the size of a man you could probably get into this! You have to really like bad movies to get a buzz outta this. luckily i do and i loved it. if any of what i have written makes it seem awfull your right it is and you should take 2 stars off straight away! AVOID THE EGGS!

Matt L (fr) wrote: If there was a Troll 2 for wrestling movies then this is it! Such horrible acting and ridiculous effects it makes this movie a must see.

Linda J (es) wrote: Jim Carey was soooo funny in this

Gregory W (au) wrote: not bad fun from sellers

Erik G (br) wrote: 'Earth vs. The Flying Saucers' is definitely the weirdest B-movie, with primitive yet real-looking special effects (SFX) including the flying saucers. If there are more '50s-era Ray Harryhausen movies like this one, then I'm in.

James H (ag) wrote: Delightful romantic comedy, with yet another outstanding Cary Grant performance. The pairing of Myrna Loy and Grant is terrific. Everyone in the cast is wonderful. Thoroughly enjoyable, fantastic screenplay, fine direction and a great pace. A highly entertaining classic.

Chang R (br) wrote: One of the most entertaining movie EVER. I have high hopes for the movie and it exceed my expectations, definitely check it out, you would regret if you don't