The Family Way

The Family Way

Following the wedding of young Jenny Piper and Arthur Fitton (Hayley Mills and Hywel Bennett), a rowdy reception is held at a local pub where the newlyweds are subjected to much well-meaning but vulgar ribaldry. The couple returns to the Fitton home to spend their first night together before leaving for a honeymoon in Majorca, but they are followed by some of the wedding guests who keep the party going until early morning. Worse yet, when the youngsters finally are permitted to retire, their bed collapses as the result of a practical joke.

Compassionate look at the troubles of two young newlyweds, who's marriage has yet to be consummated. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rob K (de) wrote: I saw this film being made a couple of summers ago at West Edmonton Mall. I can't believe they kept the Christmas decorations up for 2 years to make this horrible movie. My 5 year old liked the movie because it had the same acting performances as Barney.

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Jess K (kr) wrote: Visioneers establishes its bizarre world from the first scene: single-finger salutes, minute-by-minute workweek countdowns, and a co-worker who plays Russian roulette to keep from exploding. This is fortunate as dispensing the silliness as quickly as possible allows the rest of its quirks to be seen dark satire and not pure ridiculousness. Of the two central conceits - that a monolithic corporation has become so powerful it's taken over the government, and that a plague of human explosions has petrified the populous - one feels startlingly relevant (especially considering recent American court decisions and one party's obsession with privatization) while the other appears farfetched. Yet once examined, both are equally pertinent. Within this Brazil-like crushing bureaucracy is George Washington's direct descendant, whom Galifianakis plays with the deadpan earnestness, highlighted by hilarious yet emotive breakdowns. It's a shame he'll always be more famous as the chubby doofus from Hangover. Visioneers is odd, yet oddly relevant and thoroughly enjoyable.

Tom D (jp) wrote: The gulf between rich and poor is not so great when it comes to morality it seems - a very clever film.

Jennifer W (jp) wrote: I enjoyed seeing Noah Taylor but this film dragged on for a bit. The soundtrack's good though; the Stranglers's "Golden Brown"! <3

Robert I (br) wrote: A horrid puddle of dog poop.

Rob K (es) wrote: A Master of Low Budget Genre fair, John Sayles knows how to make a Sci-Fi flick feel out of this world w/o relying on Hollywood explosions or over-the-top gadgets. Smart, original, and insightful, BROTHER FROM ANOTHER PLANET is the quintessential "Man from Outer Space" tale that feels refreshingly down to earth.

Nathan E (kr) wrote: Well acted? No. Suspenseful? Yes. It's good even though it's unoriginal and full of cliches. The house and it's setting is superb for a thriller. It's got some good cinematic scenes here and there and does pay homage to some of the greats, noticably the 70s original and The Birds. The villian isn't too scary. "Good enough" thriller.

David W (mx) wrote: Paper Moon has a well-edited story with The O'Neals having a special bond between father and daughter

Jeff P (jp) wrote: I am a history buff, watching war movies gives a small window to see! This movie has many strong points but also has weaknesses, the directing is one of them!!!

Grace C (fr) wrote: Another cautionary tale for the juvenile delinquent. Yes, it is trite in its moralizing, but what cautionary tale isn't?

Ken D (ag) wrote: A pretty funny movie with some decent action sequences. I love watching Stan Laurel's facial reactions and I love the way he starts crying when he gets into trouble. The movie had a very different ending that what I was expecting, which was also pretty good. I liked the ending.

David L (nl) wrote: The hype that this film received didn't exactly make me want to rush out and see this, but when presented with the opportunity, it turned out to be fairly easy viewing. A lot of comparisons are being made with the book but as I'm not one to read they'll be no such thing from me. I somehow get the impression though that similar to the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy, this movie will receive more and more hype as the films keep on coming. Exactly what makes it compelling is hard to pinpoint, but it's more that there is not a lot wrong with it that keeps its watchability factor up. The sadistic side of me was admittedly quite entertained by the premise of an arena full of kids battering each other to the death, although you know from the 12A rating that this is never going to be as gruesome as it sounds. I guess in a sense this was technically the toned down version of 'Battle Royale', with no gore and no brutality..... It's all in the mind, with the odd snippet of violence here and there to keep the hardened teenagers amused. In hindsight, I guess this film was a little predictable in the sense that we all know who is likely to be the victor in this tournament, and it's quite astounding how little they have to do to actually win! Many of the kills just happen in the free-for-all at the start when 50% of the contenders are wiped out immediately. Other than district 1 and 2 bad-asses, we learn very little of anyone else. It's disappointing that we therefore miss a lot of potential action, but on the other hand I understand that the target market for this film would not be primarily concerned with that as it focuses more on using the imagination, creating fantasy worlds, and giving the audience a hero / heroine to root for - In fact, you could say this is a film somewhere in the middle of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. As an independent film, you'd think this has a long drawn out introduction, but given it's a series with four instalments, the prolonged wait before the main action makes a bit more sense. Therefore, despite not feeling gripped at first, it's definitely a film that does progress and gets better with time. With that in mind, fingers crossed it can continue where it left off in episode 2 as i'm not totally sold on this series just yet, but I'll certainly give the sequel a look in!