The Famous and the Dead

The Famous and the Dead

In a small town in the countryside in the south of Brazil, a teenager that uses the codename Mr. Tambourine Man spends his time in Internet, at school, smoking pot with his best friend Diego and with his dysfunctional mother. He dreams on leaving his hometown to watch a Bob Dylan's show but seems to be hopeless stranded in the spot.

A Bob Dylan fan who goes by the name Mr. Tambourine passes his time in the Brazilian countryside by looking at photographs and movies on the Internet that seem to feature the same mysterious woman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zeeshan S (mx) wrote: good ol tribute to the 70s maar dhaar

James Z (ag) wrote: a stunning desert landscape and a praiseworthy, effervescent score by zimmer are just some of the film's skills. depp's identifiable mumbling yet expressive voice work is a jurisdiction in itself. the plot is deceptively straightforward, and somewhat wholesome. 'rango' manages to combine the western and animation genres to captivating, aberrant effect.

Siv A (au) wrote: Hmmm. Virka som en halvgod episode av en halvgod serie om en nattklubb-bransjens "tffe" virkelighet. Har ikke sett Steven Bauer siden Scarface.

Halil H (ag) wrote: polat alemdar is a hero. at least some of the things were based on the real atrocities committed by imperialists in Iraq

Kelly P (ca) wrote: and it appears i'm the only one on facebook who has bothered to not only watch this movie but also write a review of it. here's the deal. its boring, cliche', low budget and just plain dumb. even as an avid horror movie fan i'm dissapointed. there was plenty of nudity ( almost all female expect for a littel rear nudity of a man) and some gore, but even this was cheap beyond reason. in one seen the blood actually looks like blue ink. Bottom Line: a D list borefest that relied on the appearance of its cast to entertain rather than anything silly like plot, editing or acting.

Nicoara T (kr) wrote: nu are o structura clara, urmareste mai multe threaduri. am vazut primele 30 de min

Christopher B (nl) wrote: Really enjoyed this, great adaptation of a beloved story.

Tom C (au) wrote: i was hoping to see more of the little guys that were on the front cover, and watched it not really knowing what sort of movie this was, wasnt expecting a vampire film at all judging by the cover....dont think i'll watch this movie again, though that being said i wouldn't mind seeing the rest of the series. didnt even know there were more movies till reading comments on here.

Art S (ca) wrote: Clint Eastwood's biopic of bebop legend Charlie Parker seems somewhat aimless - and perhaps that is how Eastwood construed Parker's life. Sure, the music is omnipresent and exciting but Parker seems more fixated on heroin than on jazz. It can't really have been the case (one hopes). Forest Whitaker is superb, underplaying as usual, as Parker and he intimates the pain underlying the jazz life and driving some of the poor behavioural choices. I still don't see Clint Eastwood as anything other than a plain director who efficiently tells stories - but that is often enough to create a commercial (and award-winning) success. Here, he throws in some extra expressionistic flourishes (that cymbal crashing) and loses a bit of control when the script jumps backwards and forwards in time. However, the music (including Parker's own playing) is often transcendent and carries the film over its over-long running time. Now if we could see some free-jazz legends on film, all would be right with the world (for truly that film would be more ecstatic than this one).

John B (ru) wrote: One of the earliest British films that I have seen and also one of the most rewarding to watch. It's gritty and fun to watch unfold.

Wade H (kr) wrote: What a disapointment, I apreciate Sam Raimis love for Harryhausen films and the 3 stooges, but this is NOT a horror movie, at best its a fantasy/comedy, it just pales in comparison to evil dead 1 and 2, I think thats probably why he did Ash vs evil dead series, to ward off all the hate mail, i personly think this would have been alot better recieved had he NOT made it a part of the cult fav evil dead series, because if you separate it from that, its not a bad fantasycomedy, its just the insult that pissed so many people off, we wanted gore not xena action!

Jackson M (ru) wrote: Absolutely hilarious, the best Austin Powers film

Drew B (fr) wrote: My personal all time favorite of all the saga. It is a shame that it has been Labeled to be the worst film ever and destroying people's childhood. With an open mind though, it is a dazzling film. All the political details in Episode I are nessesary to set up Palpatine's power grab. Anakin needs to be a young child because taking a 9 year old away from his mom is going to have a big effect. Exposition can be slow, but doesn't stop it from being FUN! Sure the CGI might be hard to look at by TODAY's standards, BUT that shouldn't stop people from enjoying what the movie has to offer. Jar Jar Binks is a funny character and can be distracting, but he still has a purpose in all of this. Star Wars is ment to be seen as a full saga of the Tragedy Of Carth Vader and his redemption. The Phantom Menace shows how Anakin's path to the dark side was almost inevitable from the start. From The Jedi Order narrow mindedness and fear of loss and his emotional connection to Padm. Episode I has its place and offers new things we have never seen before in the Saga. The Podracer is exhilarating and the Senate scene is fun because you see how Palpatine is so mitiulate about how he will turn the Senate on Valorum's back. The Battle of Naboo on all 4 fronts is truly the best part of the film. A space battle just a cool as the ones in the originals and a big ground battle. Not to mention the epic Lightsaber duel and the Score. Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace doesn't deserve all the flack it gets and maybe you should go back and rewatch it with an open mind.

WS W (de) wrote: Bores the hell out of me.