The Fantasticks

The Fantasticks

Two rural teens sing and dance their way through a forbidden romance and a dangerous travelling carnival.

Two teenagers, who live on neighboring farms, have to keep their love in secret due to the conflict of their fathers. However, everything change around when a mysterious fair is coming to the country side. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Wendy K (ag) wrote: I went without any expectations, but I think the one thing that stood out for me in this film is Alicia Vikander's acting. One of the first scenes of the movie, where her character completely loses control in the hospital is definitely the highlight of the film. You can relate to the frustration she has with herself after her pregnancy, and Alicia acts it out perfectly, never overdoing it in the scenes where her character is depression. The second half of the movie becomes a bit of mess where the movie doesn't become much about her but about the supporting cast... Which confused me for a while because isn't this film about Alicia's character and what she is going through instead of the characters around her and how they are healing? I think it would have helped if the movie closed off with a more solid ending, tying off question marks about her relationship with her boyfriend; that would have helped bring the middle third of the film back to Alicia and why she went on this hotel-hopping adventure in the first place.

intuciic (au) wrote: that is one creepy but alright movie. so sad that such things have been and are a reality :(

Stuart W (mx) wrote: A good movie which could have been a lot better if it were not so confussing. Wasn't until the very end that I realised it was set over different periods. Oops, silly me.

Carlos I (es) wrote: Pretty rad take on the coming of age story. It's funny how they treat "the curse" literally here. Great ending too. Another proud Canadian film.

Jeffrey M (de) wrote: A fascinating and disturbing true story, but unfortunately it fails due to uninspired film making and story telling. It was often dull and bland, though it works well when the tension is finally raised. The performances were pretty good all around, especially from Joely Richardson, but ultimately her character isn't given enough development. The audience never quite buys the ultimate outcome.2.5/5 Stars

Levonne P (fr) wrote: Such a wonderful love story, but still full of action, and quite a bit of comedy. Cruse and Kidman are great together!

Kevin F (ag) wrote: I wonder if the Coen brothers are criticizing themselves at all with this one. If not, I hope they rematch it sometime soon and think it over. With each passing movie they make, Barton Fink gets lost in the shuffle but for me, it's one of their best. It balances their usual comedic and dramatic quirks in a lovely tension that feels like the dance that great cinema can be. Capped off spectacularly. (See what I did there? Sorry).

Steve G (gb) wrote: The least of the Rock Hudson/Doris day films. But still watchable.

David W (ca) wrote: With Eye of the Tiger playing and Rocky punching, Rocky 3 feels a little refreshed with Stallone's okay direction plus acting

John B (es) wrote: Ultimately a very sad tale of a dog and the terrible owners who attempt to give him comfort.