The Far Country

The Far Country

A self-minded adventurer (Jeff Webster) locks horns with a crooked lawman (Mr. Gannon) while driving cattle to Dawson.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:97 minutes
  • Release:1954
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   jealousy,   boat,  

A self-minded adventurer (Jeff Webster) locks horns with a crooked lawman (Mr. Gannon) while driving cattle to Dawson. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Omairus P (jp) wrote: Well done documentary with focus on the subject without skimping on the details. Although there are some liberties taken with the editing, the picture portrayed is balanced, and the viewer is led through a puzzle to arrive at a resolution without destroying the mystery.

Viktor R (it) wrote: Worst movie i've ever seen

Chad A (fr) wrote: An exception film from a critical standpoint, presenting a deep movie speaking on issues of the past while remaining relevant in the world today. It really grows with repeated viewings while you start seeing more of how the movies (being described by Hurt's character) really parallel the plot and characters as they progress. However, to more casual movie goers the film is undoubtedly a bore. The plot seems to progress (especially at the beginning) at a snail's pace and, with the majority of the movie taking place within the same locale, Kiss of the Spider Woman can be so tedious and un-engaging as to make the viewer feel trapped in their own prison watching the film. This really is a film that is a hit-or-miss depending on what you, as a movie goer, are looking for from a film.

Michael T (au) wrote: The two lead actors chew up the scenery in an otherwise rather mediocre film.

Harry W (gb) wrote: Cited as a major visionary influence over George Lucas' iconic work in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, The Dam Busters sounded like a classical war spectacle.The Dam Busters is structured in a very traditional way. The narrative is centred around a titular mission and so the majority of the film's beginning it focused on organizing the attack alongside conveying an understanding the science behind it. The film is focused around ensuring the characters plot the attack to precision before executing it, and the majority of this is done simply through extensive periods of discussion with the occasional aviation footage thrown in between. But as intelligent as this all is, it isn't precisely as entertaining as it once was. Due to being a classical film, The Dam Busters makes use of many extensive shots during the scenes where the characters converse and so the actors must remember far more lines and keep their dialogue running for extended periods of time. The actual dialogue they are being fed is written with precision, capturing the science behind the titular dam busting and conveying it to audiences in layman's terms without degenerating any of it. The cast are capable of understanding it all and passing it on to viewers with a human touch which effectively proves the inherent talents of everyone on board, but the film's reliance on this entire dynamic leaves it to drag on for a lot of the time. The Dam Busters comes from many decades ago, an era where the standard for filmmaking was different and so viewers were not as demanding. But the battle of age is one it has come out of somewhat wounded since a lot of viewers are left to wait around for something major to happen even though the dated structure of the narrative means that nothing major occurs until the climax. Until it happens, the film just keeps on adding different characters to the tale with varying overall relevance to essentially distract viewers with the organic charms of the actors playing them. Patient viewers will respect the different context of the production and appreciate the script, cast and production design of The Dam Busters as it proceeds towards its climax. But there is still a crowd of demanding people from this generation whose lack of patience will be their downfall in The Dam Busters.The amount of waiting for the actual dam attack to happen proves to be the first three quarters of the film. With the title promising some kind of war spectacle, the focus in The Dam Busters rests on the nature of its climax. When considering it, audiences must consider the technical limitations of 1955. But unfortunately, even in my attempts to be considerate and to excuse the age of The Dam Busters I could not find enough enjoyment in the experience. Staying true to its aforementioned dated elements, The Dam Busters makes use of dated visual effects which are clearly hand-drawn. This is most prominent when bullets are depicted as flashing balls of white with missing frames between them, as well as some of the explosions. Some of the more practical stunts are impressive such as the actual explosions and a lot of the aviation footage, but even then it is clear at many points that the viewers are watching miniscule props where they can see the strings holding models up. All things considered there is certainly some technical appeal in the film, but for The Dam Busters to spend so much time building up to a climax which delivers it with notoriously dated visual effects and visible props really fails to suffice by contemporary standards. There is certainly some feeling in the scene, but it is meandering at best.Ultimately, the primary reason I watched The Dam Busters was to establish how it inspired George Lucas, and the influence over Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope is clear. The way that the squadron talk to each other in flight and the perspective they take from their cockpits bring evoke clear memories, while the manner in which they have to fly low and drop their bombs clearly replicate notorious elements of the famous Trench Run sequence. As much as I failed to truly enjoy The Dam Busters, I found the fact that it had such a positive influence on crafting a science fiction classic which would become the basis of the greatest film series of all time is most certainly an admirable element. It's just that a film requires more than positive succession to stand as a strong feature on its own, and I can't say that I found The Dam Busters lived up to that standard.But I will certainly admit that I found admiration for the natural talents of the cast. Although there was really little in the way of characterization which made the well-intentioned emotional climax less effective than it wanted to be, the actual actors portraying them certainly had a natural sense of sophistication to them. The actual drama in the material doesn't really challenge any individual cast members to go into innovative ground and so their performances all ended up being fairly equal in quality, but among the more notorious names are Michael Redgrave whose intelligent articulation of his lines truly convey a sense that he has an intelligent understanding of everything he experiences and Richard Todd who keeps his sophistication on ground and in the air. The cast members all manage to maintain the same genuine spirit and work off each other very well, so there is certainly some level of a human touch amid all the stylistic focus.So The Dam Busters stands as a smartly-scripted and well acted film which is notorious for clear visual influence over many scenes from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, but with production design, visual effects and a plot structure which all feel heavily dated, the action climax of the film is ultimately little more impressive than the slow build-up that plays out for the majority of the feature.

Ian C (nl) wrote: Decent tribute to the Northern Soul scene of the 70's. A quality soundtrack and the two young leads are quality but it is James Lance who defines the balls as the amphetamine guzzling Ray. Good fun which will no doubt transport those involved back to their youth.